Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put some Irish on it!

Done and done. Irish whiskey, that is. Jameson. All swirled up nice and sweet with some real maple syrup, and then piled real high on a moist vanilla buttercake. Yes folks, back by popular demand, the Irish Whiskey Maple cupcake is once again our super delicious Cupcake of the Month for March!

You already knew how delicious Jameson Irish Whiskey was (if you're over 21, 0f course.)

And you've always known that maple syrup is truly the nectar of the northern gods (i.e. Vermont).

And everyone knows that ours are Seattle's Best Cupcakes.

Put the three together, and you get one magically delicious morsel that'll have Irish eyes smiling all around the Emerald City. It's the luck o' the Irish, in scratch-baked cupcake form!

So don't miss out - order 'em up today! We'll even deliver! They're only here through the end of the month. Become a fan on Facebook, and stay tuned all month for delicious giveaways. You never know, you just might get lucky!

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