Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to work!

Back in session.

You're not the only one who's back on the job after a long Labor Day weekend. Congress is back in session after their August recess, and that means it's time to kick it into gear and get this whole health care reform thing done and DONE!

There has been a lot of weirdness on the airwaves over the past few weeks. The media has jumped up and down and all over the place to give you images again and again of town hall meetings gone bonkers. We are not about to let a few silly sound bites ruin the fun for everyone...anyone else having a Howard Dean flashback here? Sound bites? Ruins? No? Ech. Sad memories of Iowa '03.

Anyhoo, we know the American people want reform. We put Obama in office to bring us the change we desperately need and truly want. It's crunch time, and we need to keep working together to bring quality, affordable health care to EVERYONE in this country, not just to the privileged few. So, give your lawmakers a call to make sure they're representing your best interests and working hard for the real reform you deserve.

Here's how you can do your part today and tomorrow:

Message for Senator Murray: Support the Kennedy HELP Bill, and tell your colleagues like Senators Reid and Durbin to do the same
Message for Senator Cantwell: Move a Health care bill forward in the Finance Committee by Sept 15, and tell your colleagues like Senators Reid and Durbin to get health care done

1-877-264-HCAN (4226) -- options for connecting to Senator, Representative, or signing up for text message updates
1-888-436-8427 -- direct to the Congressional switchboard

This is why we vote, people! We get to send the people into office that we think will represent our best interests in Washington. So, give em a call, and make sure they do!

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  1. Okay here is my story and it has everything to do with cupcakes and health care. My first job as an adult was to administer an indigent care program for a 500 bed hospital. I continued for the next ten years in social services with the same employer providing resources and finding ways to help anyone who walked in my door. Along the way in was bitten, threatened with knives, and exposed to all sorts of lovely diseases. This was my job, I never considered making a profit on someone who was suffering, I wanted to make a difference. I left the city and moved to a rural area with no MD in the entire county. My husband and I were covered under his employers plan and along the way he became a cancer survivor and I was diagnosed with an illness that will shorten my life. We lived frugally and decided to retire early while we were both healthy as we do not know what the future holds. We applied for a private plan through a professional group (they could not exclude us due to a 20 year membership status) and were prepared to pay $750 a month with a $5000 deductible. My husband gave his notice, the plan shut its enrollment books due to sky-high premiums. We contacted our state insurance commissioner and were told the only plan we qualify for was the "un-insured pool" at $3500 per month and a $10,000 deductible each. This provided no actual care just a "safety-net".

    So instead of pouring our monies into the caw of the insurance companies...who were not even going to cover us... we decided to do something more daring. I enrolled in culinary school in Canada and they happily welcomed us into the provincial health care system. I graduated with a pastry arts degree. Unfortunately, the global economic downturn ended my immigration dreams so back to the USA we come.

    I watch this "debate" over reform and I weep at the hatred and vitriol. The selfishness and greed of both average citizens and the politicians have shocked me and i have never been so ashamed to be an American. The insurance companies, big pharma, and the politicians who take the lobbyists blood money are literally killing me. I would love to "just frost the cupcakes" and not worry about financial ruin.

    Thank you Cupcake Royale for taking a stand for what is right.