Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 155 Cupcake-O-Gram: A sugar-coated message to Olympia

Well, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so those brainy ladies over at MomsRising figured they'd catch more support from their legislators with cupcakes...155 of them. And we know the way to really get your message out there is to make sure those cupcakes are Royale, so we hooked 'em up.

See? Early learning is fun! Don't kill our funding.

This morning at our Capitol Hill café, we hosted a horde of tots and their handlers at our Sprinkle Bar. The agenda of this meeting of the Moms: get the message out to our legislators that early learning must be a priority for Washington state, and that we can't balance the budget at the expense of our own children. The vehicle: CUPCAKES!

There's genius in them there cakes! Let us nurture it.

It takes a brilliant communications mind with a true insider's perspective of the Evergreen State's political underbelly to finesse a message this sweetly.

Turns out, there was a huge turn out, and the 155 Cupcake-O-Gram surpassed its mark. 181 cupcakes are on their way to Olympia tomorrow! The wee ones may not be able to vote, but it looks like these kiddos already have the political game down pat. Well played, kiddos. Well played indeed.

For more info on MomsRising and the immeasurable value of early learning for our state, head HERE. Get involved. Do it for the kids!

Oh yeah - this isn't the first time we've teamed up with Moms (aka Hot Mamas). Remember that massive march for health care last May? Yup, mothers were leading the way on that one, too. Moms rule.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE is back for one last lovingly lethal smooch...

And this time, one lucky Tweeter will win big. BIG! Follow us on Twitter for your chance to collect. Send THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE to that special someone for Valentine's Day for a chance to win cupcakes for two...FOR A YEAR!

Aww. Don't you just love love?

That's right, people. We'll choose one pair of Tweeting sweeties to win a Sweetheart 2 pack each week for the rest of 2010. Because nothing says LOVE like a cupcake date night!

Every. Single Week.

Here's what you do:

1. Click HERE to follow us on Twitter.
2. Click the link we Tweet daily through Valentine's Day to send the KISS OF DEATHCAKE to your special Tweeting sweetie.
3. Fill in the blanks to tell us who you're kissing and why.

We'll pick our favorite, and it's cupcakes for two for a year! We may pick the sweetest. We may pick the funniest. We may pick the most sinister...MUWAHAHAHAAA! Go ahead. Wow us with your love.

And while you're at it, you better order up some Deathcake, before it's too late. It's only here through Valentine's Day, then you've gotta wait a whole year for your lovingly lethal fix.

Click to order online. Or call to order from a human 206.883.7656.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"'Tis better to have loved and lost"

Than never to have loved at all.

"Nice hat, Al. Maybe you're not so bad after all."

At least that's what old Alfred Lord Tennyson said. Neat. Thanks, Al. That was helpful. No, really. It definitely put things in perspective so I could move on. Live again. Love again, even. I mean, who was I to think the he/she was just a cold-hearted, manipulative trashbag who could never care for anyone but him/herself? I mean, all he/she did was rip out my beating heart and shred it into lifeless bits, pausing only to check if his/her favorite show was a rerun this week. That's not so bad, eh? And now, all I have left to remember him/her by is this remote. What to do?

The nerve!

Give it to Dan Savage. Oh yes, THE Dan Savage. You may remember him from our earlier post Dan Savage is Just Plain Wonderful, or maybe from his nationally renowned lovefest/advice column Savage Love. Whichever. It's not like we're comparing who has more readers or anything. Anyhoo, Dan is back at it, wrecking havoc on Valentine traditions with the 13th Annual Valentine Bash at Neumos on Saturday, February 13th. VDay Eve, for anyone who's paying attention. Bring your memento of a love lost, and he will personally smash it, to smithereens, as they say, on stage. Wait a minute. Turning Valentine traditions on their heads? Where have we heard that...oh yeah! A wily little beast we call DEATHCAKE ROYALE...MUWAHAHAHAHAAA! This year, anyone who brings a token of their broken heart to get properly walloped on stage gets a little something extra to lick along with his/her love-inflicted wounds...a Deathcake Royale.

Bash it!

Seriously, at this point, if you don't know what Deathcake Royale HERE.

Or, just look here. Mmmmmm...

Seeing as Dan Savage and Deathcake Royale are clearly a match made in bizarro world heaven, we're giving away two tickets to the bash. How do you get 'em? Well, we know how you kids love the Twitter these days. So tweet #2wordsforDEATHCAKE along with the two words you think best explain why Deathcake Royale is ALL the love you need this Valentine's Day. We'll pick our favorite, and send you and a pal to the bash. You MUST include the #2wordsforDEATHCAKE hashtag, and you MUST tweet it @CupcakeRoyale. And please, don't be gross. And don't be vulgar. You will not win. The winner will be announced next week.
Deathcake Royale. Shared by lovers. Loved by haters. This one's for you, haters.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Showdown - Cast your vote!

Four stores. One mission: Boggle the minds of Seattleites with a Valentine display to end all Valentine displays.

Use found objects and recycled materials.
Use your brain.
Make us laugh.
Make us cry.
Make us jump for Valentine joy.
Infuse every fiber of our beings with the holy spirit of cupcake love.

MADRONA It seems only fitting that the original Cupcake Royale played up a Valentine classic with Cupid Redux. Will their rad new take on that winged baby in the buff be enough to take down what the other three stores have cooking? You decide...

Click the pic to see Cupid Redux in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Madrona café.

CAPITOL HILL Newcomer to the Cupcake Royale scene, Capitol Hill had a lot to prove. They pulled out all the stops with a pair of lovers, with only one thing that could come between them...a cupcake. But, is it enough to take their place at the head of the Royale pack? You decide...

Click the pic to see Only One Thing in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Capitol Hill café.

BALLARD If you've ever been to our Ballard café, you know three things about the staff. 1. They are quite the clever crew. 2. They take their coffee very seriously. 3. They freaking love bunnies. Ballard really showed their true colors with Cup of Love. Will their witty messages of Valentine love combined with their mad bunny drawing skillZ be enough to pull off the win? You decide...

Click the pic to see Cup of Love in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Ballard café.

WEST SEATTLE Cupcakes? Yeah, we got your cupcakes. Right here. All shapes. All sizes. In all your favorite flavors. Now come on in and have yourself a Valentine's Day Royale.
West Seattle
P.S. Did we mention we're amazing artists? Oh, we didn't? Well, we are.

If West Seattle's display came with a note, we're pretty sure that's what it would say. Is their Valentine Royale enough? The Royale-iest, so to speak? You decide...

Click the pic to see Valentine Royale in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our West Seattle café.

Ok people. You've seen 'em all, now pick ONE. Head on over to our Facebook page and cast your vote on our wall! There's a lot at stake here. Hearts will be broken. Do not take this task lightly. We REALLY recommend you visit each and every store in person. We can't stress this enough. And while you're there, you might as well have yourself a cupcake, eh? Maybe even a Deathcake...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Get your booty in these.

It seems any time something becomes uncool, after a brief (zzzing!) hiatus, it comes back, and is the coolest of the cool. Here are some examples:

Bell bottoms
Nuclear power
AM Radio
The 80s
C+C Music Factory
Trail Mix
One-piece swimsuits
Tighty Whities

That's right, if there's anything cooler than breakfast, it's tighty whities. They're back, and they're tightier than ever, but they are not whitier. You can now get tighty whities in pretty much any color, thanks to the cotton connoisseurs over at American Apparel. Plus, they're not just for 10-year-old boys any more. Whether you're a full grown fella tearin' up the Hill on your fixie, or a sassy little lady dollin' it up for a night at the club, (It's pronounced "cloob." The U is long.) the tighty whitey is for you. But it's red. And it has a menacing cake 'n' crossbones on the front, and "Deathcake Royale" spread across the cheeks.

Come. And. Get. It. We got em in all four cafés for $12.50. Get a pair for you, and a pair for your Valentine. The possibilities are endless. Let the night take you where it will.