Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Onward MARCH!

Now is the time, people, to have our voices heard! Join us this Saturday as we march in the name of Health Care for all in 2009 with Mothers Leading the Way. It just so happens that Jody Hall, Glorious Leader of this here cupcake establishment, is a new mother (hot mama) AND a health care reform activist. Double Whammy!

We'll be marching along with all KINDS of superfriend do-gooders from Pratt Park to Westlake Center. Washington CAN, Washington Bus, Equal Rights Washington, and countless others will be there...some don't even have the word Washington in their names! The whole shebang kicks off at 12:30 and ends with a rally at Westlake...where Jody and her baby boy Truman will take the stage with Patty Murray. Yup. Because even babies know we need public health care. That's how basic this is!

We are closer than ever to a public health care option in these United States. Let our lawmakers know we want, nay NEED it, by getting on out marching in the sun (no promises) with us this Saturday!

WHAT: March for Health Care for all in 2009
WHEN: Saturday May 30 @ 12:30
WHERE: Starting at Pratt Park and ending with a rally at Westlake Center
WHO: You. Me. Us. Spread the word!

For more info, click HERE.
For a map, click HERE.

See you THERE.

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