Friday, October 1, 2010

A very sweet deal for our Bellevue friends!

We're sure excited to add Bellevue to our family of neighborhood cafés. In addition to our delicious scratch-baked cupcakes made with local nad sustainable ingredients, we are the first in Bellevue to brew the legendary Stumptown Coffee.

As a token of our new friendship, we'd like to offer you a sweet deal! Be among the first to try the new Cupcake Royale in Bellevue! Bring this special coupon into our Bellevue café, and when you buy 3 cupcakes, we'll give you 3 cupcakes for free! But wait! There's more! For every three you purchase with this coupon, we'll donate three to the Bellevue High School PTSA...and they're planning a big bake sale any day now to raise money for the school. 

It's what we like to call a RANDOM ACT OF CUPCAKES. And we encourage you to spread the love, too! Witness somebody doing some good? Hand them a surprise box of cupcakes and leave them smiling and dazed with pleasant curiosity about the goodness of life. 

Go forth and be random, we say. Share your Random Acts of Cupcakes stories, and read others HERE. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Hiring!

We have a really fun job that just opened up! It's an important role as the Cupcake Phone Ambassador (otherwise known as the Inside Sales Customer Service Rep). We're open to full or part time applicants. Please check out the job description and contact if you are interested.

Must be able to juggle lots of priorities, organize a complex workload, and most of all...provide top notch customer service.

Key areas of responsibility:
Customer Service Rep: Man the phones from 8am – 5pm (with an hour lunch and breaks as needed!) to create happy Cupcake Royale customers. Primary responsibilities are to take customer orders and answer questions. Act as key point person on processing orders, coordinating special requests internally, and communicating/following up with the team on all key activities.

Donations: Share the cupcake love! Manage donations following the current procedures. Ensure orders are placed, coordinate pickup or delivery, provide signage, brochures and collateral, and manage internal communication. Forward special requests and sponsorship opportunities to marketing and follow up to get back to each party.

Art: Create community. Mange the art calendar for all stores to ensure we have a pipeline of art that meets our company standards. Coordinate postings in local art walk guides. Coordinate hanging and removal of art with both the stores and the artists. Communicate the schedule with marketing to collaborate on promotion (i.e. Facebook, website, etc.).

Weddings: Go above and beyond to make Cupcake Royale the obvious choice for people planning weddings. Act as key point of contact for customers looking for information about booking a cupcake wedding. Provide order and logistics information, assist with customization options, coordinate orders.

Office manager: Bring harmony to the Capitol Hill office/backroom. Be in charge of office supplies and inventory. Be sure the back room is organized, everything has its place, and all inner office materials are distributed as needed.

Misc: Help out with special projects as needed!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh, hello, Bellevue.

Oh, hello, Bellevue. Nice to meet you! We've seen you sitting over there for awhile now, and we thought maybe it was about time we came over. We want in on all the Bellevue fun, and as a token of our friendship, we’re bringing cupcakes! Seattle’s Best Cupcakes, actually. See, we’ve been over here in Seattle for seven years now, baking our cupcakes fresh from scratch each and every day using mostly local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. We make ‘em with love, the way Grandma did, and we hand-frost each and every one with real American buttercream. It’s been a super sweet seven years, and we are proud to call Capitol Hill, Ballard, Madrona, and West Seattle home. And now, we’re just plain tickled pink to add Bellevue to our family of neighborhood cupcake goodness. And we think you might just get a little bit excited too…

Bygone days are here with buttercream!

Our fifth cupcake café is gonna be an extravaganza of cupcake and coffee Americana goodness! The newest addition to the Cupcake Royale family will make its home in one of America's original IHOP buildings, complete with all the architectural charm and whimsy of those bygone days. Remember the A-frames and the wood paneling? As Jody likes to say, this is "what our café would have looked like had we opened in 1971." We're lucky enough to work once again with Roy McMakin on a quick and easy, guerilla-style makeover, to create a hip and homey neighborhood cupcake café that we think you’ll really love.

This café is going to be special for sure. A little bit different from our Seattle locations, this one will celebrate the history of the building and the quirkiness of the original design with a sweet and sassy combo of found decor, relics from the original IHOP, and custom pieces created especially for Cupcake Royale, like the 30-person, Doug Fir picnic table where you and all your friends can hang out on our patio. For those of you who frequented the original IHOPs of yore, you may remember those cool open kitchens. Well, we’re keeping that, too! The café will feature a wide-open kitchen where wide-eyed cupcakers of all ages can marvel at the magic of our behind-the-scenes operations.

The perfect partner for all this cupcake love? STUMPTOWN! We'll be the first café in Bellevue to be brewing those legendary Stumptown beans. That's right, people! We're bringing the very best, small-batch, freshly roasted beans in the whole wide world to Bellevue. And for those lazy days at home, we'll feature a fine little assortment of whole beans and home-brewing equipment.

Hold on! There’s more! The new café will open its doors at the end of this month, and we know it sure wouldn’t be very Royale of us to get our brand new friends-and-neighbors-to-be all excited about the impending cupcake funtimes…and then leave them waiting. So…the piece de résistance...THE MOBILE CUPCAKE PARTY-CART! Starting this very morning, we are debuting the first-ever mobile cupcake cart. It's like a hot dog cart, only way more awesome, and filled with cupcakes. We'll be parkin' our cart in the parking lot and serving up fresh-baked goodness to our new friends and neighbors until the doors to the café are officially open. We sure would love it if you stopped by and said hello. Anyone who gets a cupcake from the cart will also get a thank you card good for a free coffee when the doors to the café finally do open. Once the café is open for business, the Cupcake Party-Cart will head out into the world, available for birthdays, company parties, weddings, anniversaries, you name it!

Takin' sweet to the street.

So, to sum it all up, short and sweet:

WHAT: A new Cupcake Royale in Bellevue!

WHERE: 21 Bellevue Way NE, in that sweet old IHOP building!

WHEN: End of the month, but until then, get your cupcake on with us at our MOBILE CUPCAKE PARTY-CART in the parking lot!

WHY: Because we love you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cupcake Royale Is Expanding And We Need YOU!

Big news! We’re excited to let our friends, here on our blog, be the first to know that we are opening a new store. Can you guess where? Here’s some clues…

  • The city has a total area of 33.9 square miles, of which, 30.8 square miles of it is land and 3.2 square miles of it (9.29%) is water
  • Founded in 1869, the name is French for "beautiful view"
  • Named number 1 in CNN Money's list of the best places to live and launch a business
  • Also named the 4th best place to live in America
  • This city is in the top 7% in the state for well-paid-single men and top 4% for well-paid-single women
  • It’s one of the 25 safest cities in America
  • Both Ann and Nancy Wilson, co-founders of the band Heart, are said to reside here

Write your answer down on a piece of paper (so you won’t cheat) and then scroll down to see if you are right…

The answer is BELLEVUE! If you are so super smart that you figured that out, you must be passionate about the Bellevue community – and that’s the type of folks we are looking to hire! So, if you also love the art of great coffee and delicious cupcakes, we’d like to hear from you for the positions of: Cupcake Bakers, Baristas, Frosters.

We are looking for baristas who have a passion for hand crafted artisan coffee. And bakers and frosters who enjoy baking cake from scratch with local ingredients in large batches with high quality and productivity standards. Our values center around having fun, working hard as a team, creating an engaging customer service experience, being kind to our environment, giving back to community efforts and a passion for your work and sharing your enthusiasm with customers.

  • Baristas should be experienced with 1+ years of artisan coffee crafting and engaging customer service and an appreciation for scratch-baked goods.

  • Bakers should be experienced with 1+ years in high-volume production baking with attention to detail and ability to work collaboratively in teams, attention to detail, pride in work, reliable.

  • Frosters should be able to learn and work quickly, be able to prioritize, have a high level of customer service and be flexible and prompt.

Qualified folks should apply by sending a resume and cover letter to explaining why you’d be a good fit. Thanks for your interest!

By the way, not only do you get to surround yourself with coffee and cupcakes, but here’s a few additional tidbits to sweeten the deal:

  • We offer benefits to our super stellar crew: medical insurance for 30+ hours/week, 401K, all you can drink espresso, great deals on cupcakes and merchandise…plus cool co-workers!
  • We use all natural, wholesome ingredients in our tasty, fresh-baked cupcakes, and we get them from local farmers whenever we can. Even our flour is local – grown on a no-till co-op by our pal Farmer Fred in Eastern Washington, and specially milled just for us.
  • We only brew the best beans: Stumptown! They travel worldwide to source and roast the best coffees available anywhere. Developing partnerships with farms to share in a belief that working together year after year results in the highest level of quality.
  • We are a green, locally owned, indie business. We not only recycle, but we compost as well, and we use compostable packaging as much as possible, too, from paper cups to soy ink to corn-based plastic.
  • We give over 25,000 cupcakes a year to local non-profits to give back to our community.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cupcake-Powered Radio

You know we love the KEXP. What's not to love? Great bands. Great DJs. And it's all made possible by you, the oh-so-savvy listener. Well, you and all the sweet Seattle businesses that support KEXP by underwriting. If ever there was a win-win situation, underwriting for KEXP would have to be the win-winniest. We hear our favorite fellow local businesses mentioned on KEXP all the time, and it just makes us feel good. All of us community-minded music lovers pooling our resources to keep the tunes a comin'. 

Recently, our buddy Rob over at KEXP asked Jody to record a testimonial about why she underwrites for KEXP...and has since day one! That's 7 years of cupcake-powered radio, people. Super. Sweet. 

Rock on, KEXP. Here's to 7 more years of cupcake love headed your way.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


That's right people! Cupcaker extraordinaire, Kim, just got her vuvuzela on and has the sweet pics to show it. It would appear that cupcakes have some big time international appeal. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the cupcakes of South Africa!

First stop: Tasha's in Joburg. What better way to celebrate after the Ghana match than with a deeeelicious Red Velvet? Ahhh, like a little taste of home.

Speaking of home...


Back to the cupcakes.

You know our girl Kim gets the Royale treatment wherever she goes. This here is the head pastry chef at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town, personally serving up some scrumptious lemon cupcakes fresh from the oven for high tea. That's right. High tea. Not to be confused with Hi-C. Or 5 Alive.

So, how did these lemon lovelies match up in a head to head contest with our April Cupcake of the Month, Lemon Mascarpone? It was close, but you just can't beat that creamy mascarpone goodness. Royale wins!


Alright, alright. Back to the cupcakes.

Here's a sweet peek at the ooey-gooey-drippy-goodness of the cupcakes at a seaside bakery on the way to Cape of Good Hope. With their decadent icings and deliciously fudgy aromas, this batch was particularly difficult to keep from the hippos.

Who you callin' hippo? It's all fun and games until someone loses a cupcake.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free + babycake = Freebiecake

Another month, another ridiculously delicious cupcake. We are tickled pink (even pinker than usual) that it is finally June, and Seattle is about to get its summer on. We're all too aware of the fact that waiting for that summer sun to shine down on the Emerald City can be a looooooooong process, so we've got a tasty little tropical treat to keep you smilin' until it does: Toasted Coconut Lime cupcakes.

Yes, people. We did it. We so went there. We put the lime in the coconut and baked it all up. The result? An island escape for your taste buds. Boom. So good! Moist, summery coconut cake gets a tangy topping of real lime buttercream. We cover that with delicious, golden brown flakes of toasted coconut goodness for a cupcake that is almost too tasty for words. Uh, it's also apparently too tasty for pictures.

So...get on in here and try one! Better yet, try one on the house! Come on in to any Cupcake Royale on Saturday June 5th or Sunday June 6th and tell us your favorite tropical hot spot, and we'll treat you to a Toasted Coconut Lime babycake.

Free + babycake = Freebiecake
Get one.

Aaaaaand...Cupcakes + Muppets = AWESOME

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So Fresh.

We know you're busy. We know life is hard. So we like to make it easy. We already have four convenient cupcake café locations, and we deliver all over Seattle and the Eastside. But, we like to think we can do more. Our newest cupcake perk for all you sweet-lovin' Seattlites: Cupcake Royale cupcakes are now available on AmazonFresh!

That's right, people! When you get your groceries online from Amazon's local grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, you can now add a box (or two, or three...) of freshly baked cupcakes from Cupcake Royale to your order. And it all!

We've got three special 4-packs you can add to this week's grocery list: Favorites 4-Pack, Chocolate Lovers 4-Pack, and everyone's favorite new kid on the block, the Salted Caramel 4-Pack. PLUS, you can even get a 6-Pack of assorted babycakes.

So salty. So caramel-y. Cupcake magic.

And to sweeten the deal - literally - we're just plain old givin' it away to folks with orders of $150 or more. Yup indeedy. Get yourself $150 worth of groceries at AmazonFresh between now and Sunday, and you'll get the Favorites 4-Pack hook-up! That's one Classic, one Dance Party, one Lemon Drop, and one Royale with Cheese, on the house.

Because every mom deserves her very own Dance Party.

We are super psyched about this new funtime fresh-lovin' friendship with the folks over at AmazonFresh. You know we make sure our cupcakes are only the freshest and most delicious by baking them from scratch DAILY, using premium local ingredients like hormone-free dairy, certified-humane eggs, and specially milled, no-till flour from Farmer Fred and Farmer Karl at Shepherd's Grain.

Local. Fresh. Delicious! It's just the Royale way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We got the pepper.

That's right, people! The Chocolate Scorcher, everyone's favorite little fireball of a chocolate cupcake is back as our May Cupcake of the Month. Moist chocolate cake and rich, chocolaty cream cheese frosting, infused with the heat of guajillo chiles and warm hints of cinnamon and orange oil.

Once again, we've teamed up with our partners in goodness over at Theo Chocolate. This fiery beast is made with their tantalizingly tasty, organic Spicy Chile dark chocolate.

It's sweet meets heat, and it's just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Spice up your celebration by ordering up a batch of these hot tamales!

Click to order yours now. And don't forget - we deliver! To Seattle and the Eastside.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Famous foodies think our cupcakes are the best...EVER!

Jane & Michael Stern...foodies on the go.

And they should know. They travel the country seeking out the very best the US has to offer the palette. We could not be more excited about the sweet review we got from Jane and Michael Stern, a pair of road bound foodies dubbed "America’s leading authorities on the culinary delights to be found while driving" by Newsweek.

Well, they found themselves a clear favorite here in Seattle...our cupcakes! Mm hmm. Rated "Worth driving to from anywhere," Jane said our Salted Caramel "THE BEST cupcake I’ve ever eaten." Michael had equally glowing reviews for our goods on their site. And they both loved the Velvet Elvis, too. Well now, how could you not?

Their only complaint...our cupcakes are "way too fresh." We'll take it!

Listen to them tell all on NPR's Splendid Table.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pastry Week Installation #3: Cinnamon Roll

You're getting sleepy...your eyelids are getting heavy...uh, you're drooling.

We've all had cinnamon buns before. Some of us may have even dabbled in Cinnabons. However, you have had nothing, nothing, until you try this sweet masterpiece from Le Fournil. A tightly bound coil of light, flaky pastry is held together with sugary cinnamon goodness, and then drenched in a deliciously sticky glaze. And of course, the closer you get to the middle, that epicenter of deliciousness, the better it gets. Each bite setting the stage for the next, each more delectable than the last. If only it never had to end.

Well folks, sadly, everything must end. Including Pastry Week. Tomorrow is your last day to try our delicious new line of breakfast magic for half price. Come in by ten tomorrow morning, buy yourself a cup of coffee, and your pastry is half price.

And don't feel bad about the drooling. You're among friends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pastry Week Installation #2: Onion Bialy

Along Came Bialy...

For most Americans, the word bialy conjures up images of good ol' Max Bialystock from Mel Brooks' Producers, and soon the tunes of Springtime for Hitler are running through your head. The name Bialystock is actually derivative of a Polish town, Białystok, the home of the bialy, a traditional baked good of Polish Ashkenazi Jews.

The bialy is a yeasty roll similar to a bagel, though it's not boiled, and thus maintains its dinner roll texture versus the dense, chewy insides of an outwardly crispy bagel. Our bialies (from Macrina Bakery) look like giant, fancy Goldfish crackers. The dough is twisted to create the perfect carriage for sweet pieces of onion, and the whole thing is sprinkled with poppy seeds and sea salt.

As soon as you sink your teeth into that savory ring of soft bread, you realize this is no child's cracker snack. The sweetness of the generous portion of sauteed onions combines with the nutty poppyseed goodness and is married together by the crunch of sea salt. It's a scrumptious taste of the Old World, right here in Seattle, and it is a welcome bite of savoury goodness in a pastrycase that's sugared to the max.

Wash it down with a hot cup of drip, and it's a hearty start to even the roughest of days. And, as with all of our delicious new pastries, it's half price when you come in this week and buy a coffee before 10.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pastry Week Installation #1: Buttermilk Biscuit with Marionberry Jam

Well, Seattle, you no longer need to go over the river and through the woods to get one of Grandma's old-fashioned buttermilk biscuits. And you don't need to wait til summer to snag one at the county fair. You can get one any day of the week here at Ye Old Cupcake Shoppe. And let us just say, Halleluejah.

Here it is. That flaky, buttery beauty. Tastefully (deliciously) accessorized with a deep purple gem of marionberry jam.

What is a marionberry, you say? Well, sporting a far more complex flavor profile than your typical blackberry, this little fruit is known as the “Cabernet of Blackberries.” It is tart and robust, yet sweeter, juicier, and often larger than your standard blackberry. Essentially, more berry for your buck. It packs a punch, and leaves a sweet purple ring around smiling lips. This, friends, is a marionberry.

Take that and plop a dollop of it in the middle of a delicious, old-fashioned, buttermilk biscuit, and it truly is like waking up on the farm. The buttery biscuit flakes will simply melt in your mouth as you savour the sweet glory of the marionberry jam, and you shall shout to the heavens... this is BREAKFAST! And you will be happy as you wash it down with a bold, creamy latte. This will be the best day ever.

And, it's half price. Whaaa?! Yes. This week is pastry week, your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get this buttery morsel of berry-topped goodness for half price. Head into any Cupcake Royale this week and buy a coffee before 10, and take your pick from our delicious new breakfast pastries from Le Fournil and Macrina, for half price.

Mornings are hard. Let us change that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My safe word will be whisky.

Or, in this case, "whiskey." Ever wonder why sometimes it's spelled with an e and sometimes not?

I'll fight any man who dares take the "e" out of my whiskey!

Well, back in the day, (late 1800s) it was all called whisky. However, it came to be known that the Scots were apparently cutting corners in ye olde business of malting. Their drink was going downhill fast, and the Irish were like, oh no no no. We won't be takin' the fall for this. We shan't get a bum rap for our blarney brew! (What? No one really said that.) Anyway, the Irish and the Americans got together and added an e to their labels, spelling the name of the drink they so carefully crafted "whiskey" to distinguish it from the alleged swill the Scots were putting out under the name "whisky."

Well, the Scotts have clearly cleaned up their act, BIG TIME, (Anybody try Theo's scotch chocolate 4 pack? Good LORD.) but the dual nomenclature stuck around. So, if you've got some of that Glenlivet headin' down the gullet, you've got yourself one super fine whisky. But, if you're partaking of the Jameson Irish goodness found in our delicious Irish Whiskey Maple cupcake, you, friend, are getting your whiskey on.

That covers the e, but what about the h? Well, speaking of going downhill:

And finally, seeing as we're all hot on the topic of linguistics, the answer to yesterday's trivia question! What are the origins of the word whiskey (or whisky)? It's an Anglicization of an old Gaelic term, uiscebeatha (Irish) or uisgebeatha (Scottish). It means "water of life."


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put some Irish on it!

Done and done. Irish whiskey, that is. Jameson. All swirled up nice and sweet with some real maple syrup, and then piled real high on a moist vanilla buttercake. Yes folks, back by popular demand, the Irish Whiskey Maple cupcake is once again our super delicious Cupcake of the Month for March!

You already knew how delicious Jameson Irish Whiskey was (if you're over 21, 0f course.)

And you've always known that maple syrup is truly the nectar of the northern gods (i.e. Vermont).

And everyone knows that ours are Seattle's Best Cupcakes.

Put the three together, and you get one magically delicious morsel that'll have Irish eyes smiling all around the Emerald City. It's the luck o' the Irish, in scratch-baked cupcake form!

So don't miss out - order 'em up today! We'll even deliver! They're only here through the end of the month. Become a fan on Facebook, and stay tuned all month for delicious giveaways. You never know, you just might get lucky!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 155 Cupcake-O-Gram: A sugar-coated message to Olympia

Well, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so those brainy ladies over at MomsRising figured they'd catch more support from their legislators with cupcakes...155 of them. And we know the way to really get your message out there is to make sure those cupcakes are Royale, so we hooked 'em up.

See? Early learning is fun! Don't kill our funding.

This morning at our Capitol Hill café, we hosted a horde of tots and their handlers at our Sprinkle Bar. The agenda of this meeting of the Moms: get the message out to our legislators that early learning must be a priority for Washington state, and that we can't balance the budget at the expense of our own children. The vehicle: CUPCAKES!

There's genius in them there cakes! Let us nurture it.

It takes a brilliant communications mind with a true insider's perspective of the Evergreen State's political underbelly to finesse a message this sweetly.

Turns out, there was a huge turn out, and the 155 Cupcake-O-Gram surpassed its mark. 181 cupcakes are on their way to Olympia tomorrow! The wee ones may not be able to vote, but it looks like these kiddos already have the political game down pat. Well played, kiddos. Well played indeed.

For more info on MomsRising and the immeasurable value of early learning for our state, head HERE. Get involved. Do it for the kids!

Oh yeah - this isn't the first time we've teamed up with Moms (aka Hot Mamas). Remember that massive march for health care last May? Yup, mothers were leading the way on that one, too. Moms rule.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE is back for one last lovingly lethal smooch...

And this time, one lucky Tweeter will win big. BIG! Follow us on Twitter for your chance to collect. Send THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE to that special someone for Valentine's Day for a chance to win cupcakes for two...FOR A YEAR!

Aww. Don't you just love love?

That's right, people. We'll choose one pair of Tweeting sweeties to win a Sweetheart 2 pack each week for the rest of 2010. Because nothing says LOVE like a cupcake date night!

Every. Single Week.

Here's what you do:

1. Click HERE to follow us on Twitter.
2. Click the link we Tweet daily through Valentine's Day to send the KISS OF DEATHCAKE to your special Tweeting sweetie.
3. Fill in the blanks to tell us who you're kissing and why.

We'll pick our favorite, and it's cupcakes for two for a year! We may pick the sweetest. We may pick the funniest. We may pick the most sinister...MUWAHAHAHAAA! Go ahead. Wow us with your love.

And while you're at it, you better order up some Deathcake, before it's too late. It's only here through Valentine's Day, then you've gotta wait a whole year for your lovingly lethal fix.

Click to order online. Or call to order from a human 206.883.7656.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"'Tis better to have loved and lost"

Than never to have loved at all.

"Nice hat, Al. Maybe you're not so bad after all."

At least that's what old Alfred Lord Tennyson said. Neat. Thanks, Al. That was helpful. No, really. It definitely put things in perspective so I could move on. Live again. Love again, even. I mean, who was I to think the he/she was just a cold-hearted, manipulative trashbag who could never care for anyone but him/herself? I mean, all he/she did was rip out my beating heart and shred it into lifeless bits, pausing only to check if his/her favorite show was a rerun this week. That's not so bad, eh? And now, all I have left to remember him/her by is this remote. What to do?

The nerve!

Give it to Dan Savage. Oh yes, THE Dan Savage. You may remember him from our earlier post Dan Savage is Just Plain Wonderful, or maybe from his nationally renowned lovefest/advice column Savage Love. Whichever. It's not like we're comparing who has more readers or anything. Anyhoo, Dan is back at it, wrecking havoc on Valentine traditions with the 13th Annual Valentine Bash at Neumos on Saturday, February 13th. VDay Eve, for anyone who's paying attention. Bring your memento of a love lost, and he will personally smash it, to smithereens, as they say, on stage. Wait a minute. Turning Valentine traditions on their heads? Where have we heard that...oh yeah! A wily little beast we call DEATHCAKE ROYALE...MUWAHAHAHAHAAA! This year, anyone who brings a token of their broken heart to get properly walloped on stage gets a little something extra to lick along with his/her love-inflicted wounds...a Deathcake Royale.

Bash it!

Seriously, at this point, if you don't know what Deathcake Royale HERE.

Or, just look here. Mmmmmm...

Seeing as Dan Savage and Deathcake Royale are clearly a match made in bizarro world heaven, we're giving away two tickets to the bash. How do you get 'em? Well, we know how you kids love the Twitter these days. So tweet #2wordsforDEATHCAKE along with the two words you think best explain why Deathcake Royale is ALL the love you need this Valentine's Day. We'll pick our favorite, and send you and a pal to the bash. You MUST include the #2wordsforDEATHCAKE hashtag, and you MUST tweet it @CupcakeRoyale. And please, don't be gross. And don't be vulgar. You will not win. The winner will be announced next week.
Deathcake Royale. Shared by lovers. Loved by haters. This one's for you, haters.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Showdown - Cast your vote!

Four stores. One mission: Boggle the minds of Seattleites with a Valentine display to end all Valentine displays.

Use found objects and recycled materials.
Use your brain.
Make us laugh.
Make us cry.
Make us jump for Valentine joy.
Infuse every fiber of our beings with the holy spirit of cupcake love.

MADRONA It seems only fitting that the original Cupcake Royale played up a Valentine classic with Cupid Redux. Will their rad new take on that winged baby in the buff be enough to take down what the other three stores have cooking? You decide...

Click the pic to see Cupid Redux in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Madrona café.

CAPITOL HILL Newcomer to the Cupcake Royale scene, Capitol Hill had a lot to prove. They pulled out all the stops with a pair of lovers, with only one thing that could come between them...a cupcake. But, is it enough to take their place at the head of the Royale pack? You decide...

Click the pic to see Only One Thing in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Capitol Hill café.

BALLARD If you've ever been to our Ballard café, you know three things about the staff. 1. They are quite the clever crew. 2. They take their coffee very seriously. 3. They freaking love bunnies. Ballard really showed their true colors with Cup of Love. Will their witty messages of Valentine love combined with their mad bunny drawing skillZ be enough to pull off the win? You decide...

Click the pic to see Cup of Love in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our Ballard café.

WEST SEATTLE Cupcakes? Yeah, we got your cupcakes. Right here. All shapes. All sizes. In all your favorite flavors. Now come on in and have yourself a Valentine's Day Royale.
West Seattle
P.S. Did we mention we're amazing artists? Oh, we didn't? Well, we are.

If West Seattle's display came with a note, we're pretty sure that's what it would say. Is their Valentine Royale enough? The Royale-iest, so to speak? You decide...

Click the pic to see Valentine Royale in its full-sized glory. Better yet...come on into our West Seattle café.

Ok people. You've seen 'em all, now pick ONE. Head on over to our Facebook page and cast your vote on our wall! There's a lot at stake here. Hearts will be broken. Do not take this task lightly. We REALLY recommend you visit each and every store in person. We can't stress this enough. And while you're there, you might as well have yourself a cupcake, eh? Maybe even a Deathcake...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Get your booty in these.

It seems any time something becomes uncool, after a brief (zzzing!) hiatus, it comes back, and is the coolest of the cool. Here are some examples:

Bell bottoms
Nuclear power
AM Radio
The 80s
C+C Music Factory
Trail Mix
One-piece swimsuits
Tighty Whities

That's right, if there's anything cooler than breakfast, it's tighty whities. They're back, and they're tightier than ever, but they are not whitier. You can now get tighty whities in pretty much any color, thanks to the cotton connoisseurs over at American Apparel. Plus, they're not just for 10-year-old boys any more. Whether you're a full grown fella tearin' up the Hill on your fixie, or a sassy little lady dollin' it up for a night at the club, (It's pronounced "cloob." The U is long.) the tighty whitey is for you. But it's red. And it has a menacing cake 'n' crossbones on the front, and "Deathcake Royale" spread across the cheeks.

Come. And. Get. It. We got em in all four cafés for $12.50. Get a pair for you, and a pair for your Valentine. The possibilities are endless. Let the night take you where it will.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Deathcake Royale is back! For those of you who have lived lives so pure as to be untouched by this sinister beast, it is time to come to the dark side. Dark chocolate, that is. The darkest. And the chocolaty-est. Muwahahahahaaaaaa!

It's Death-by-Chocolate meets Cupcake Royale, and it is Seattle's most lovingly lethal cupcake. Beneath its cloak of dark chocolate ganache lurk layers of unspeakable Deathcake goodness. We start it off right with a layer of the very best chocolate money can buy - Theo Chocolate. We use it in an intense layer of flourless decadence, sure to have you begging for mercy, or at least a glass of milk.

On top of that, sink your sweet tooth into a bold layer of Stumptown Espresso ganache. This little jolt of caffeinated goodness should provide you with the juice you need to make it through the remaining layers.

Up next: Chocolate cake Royale. Our new, "More Moisty-er!" recipe. Because it wouldn't be a cupcake without the Royale.

Then, because we are not done yet, (and neither are you) we drench the whole thing in a whisper thin layer of dark choclate ganache. Just enough to lock in the delicious mystery that is Deathcake.

So, pile on the protective gear and head on over to your neighborhood Cupcake Royale. Deathcake is here, but only through Valentine's Day. DO NOT MISS OUT. In fact, why don't you just click HERE to order one now.

THEN, click HERE to blow someone THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE on Twitter. Show your Deathcake Tweet, (and tell your Tweeting Sweetie to do the same) and we'll hook you up with a limited-edition Deathcake Royale sticker.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Local Arts Twofer!

We heart art.

Oh geez. Art's in trouble...again. And this time, we are not talking about Art Bell.

You all heard of 4Culture? Of course you have. You're no fool. 4Culture is super rad, using the King County lodging tax to give much needed support to hundreds of artists, arts organizations, theaters, museums, local history projects and bands every year. That funding is set to expire in two years. Say it ain't so! Well, maybe you can. Tomorrow night, Advocate4Culture, (a citizen advocacy group) is rallying the troops with friend and neighbor Grey Gallery & Lounge. If you think art is important to the community you and yours call home, get your booty on over there, and figure out how you can make a difference in securing these necessary funds for the vibrant culture you love.

The deets:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Grey Gallery & Lounge
1512 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA

Meet other lovers of the arts. Join the effort to preserve and improve the culture of this city. Shake a tail feather to the sweet sounds of DJ Vital. And, of course, get in on some free babycake action. What's a Seattle arts event without free babycakes?

Grey Gallery & Lounge - Friend. Neighbor. (Art) Lover.

Oh yeah - the twofer. Grey Gallery & Lounge + 4Culture - duh. Two great tastes that taste great together. Support 'em both in one shot. Tomorrow. Do it. Do. It.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friday Flavor Face-off!

It's a battle Royale...literally! We wanna know which cupcake yous guys like best. Which delicious flavor reigns supreme? Is it Barack Obama's favorite treat - chocolate salted caramel, or Elvis Presley's beloved peanut butter and banana?

Just two fine-lookin' gents who love some cupcakes.

On one side, you got a dark chocolate cake Royale topped with house made caramel buttercream, Fleur de Sel, and dark chocolate curls. We launched it last year on Inauguration Day, as Obama is a professed fan of Fran's Salted Caramels. A man of taste, for sure.

This January, we launched the Velvet Elvis. In honor of what would have been The King's 75th birthday, (TODAY!) we have a moist banana cake topped with a rich, chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting. Because everyone knows how Elvis loved his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

So, what'll it be? The President, or The King? Salted Caramel, or Velvet Elvis? Which great flavor reigns supreme for Seattle's cupcake connoisseurs?