Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free + babycake = Freebiecake

Another month, another ridiculously delicious cupcake. We are tickled pink (even pinker than usual) that it is finally June, and Seattle is about to get its summer on. We're all too aware of the fact that waiting for that summer sun to shine down on the Emerald City can be a looooooooong process, so we've got a tasty little tropical treat to keep you smilin' until it does: Toasted Coconut Lime cupcakes.

Yes, people. We did it. We so went there. We put the lime in the coconut and baked it all up. The result? An island escape for your taste buds. Boom. So good! Moist, summery coconut cake gets a tangy topping of real lime buttercream. We cover that with delicious, golden brown flakes of toasted coconut goodness for a cupcake that is almost too tasty for words. Uh, it's also apparently too tasty for pictures.

So...get on in here and try one! Better yet, try one on the house! Come on in to any Cupcake Royale on Saturday June 5th or Sunday June 6th and tell us your favorite tropical hot spot, and we'll treat you to a Toasted Coconut Lime babycake.

Free + babycake = Freebiecake
Get one.

Aaaaaand...Cupcakes + Muppets = AWESOME

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