Monday, November 30, 2009


Is really the only way to describe the ridiculously delicious cupcakes we have for you this holiday season. We'll introduce you here, but to really get to know these mouth-wateringly merry morsels, you've gotta come in and try 'em!


Oh yes. That's right. We made a Figgy Pudding cupcake, and it's freaking phenomenal! Because we all like figgy pudding, so bring some right here! As the song goes. We took some figs and pureed them, then we stirred in some chunks of dark chocolate. Then we swirled that gooey goodness into a fudgy chocolate cake batter. Bake it up, and you get a rich chocolate cake with a hint of fig throughout, plus surprise pockets of ooey-gooey-fudgy-figgy goodness. But wait! Then we top the whole thing off with a light and fluffy brandy chocolate buttercream. We suggest you get in on this. Pronto.


Have another cup...cake! Zing! We take or delicious vanilla buttercake and top it off with real eggnog buttercream, using local butter and eggnog from our dairy farmin' pals over at Medosweet. Then we top it with festive sprinkles and dust it with nutmeg. It' like that scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, only without the rad antler mugs. And no awesome dickie.


Because you can't beat a holiday classic. Wintry peppermint buttercream on vanilla or chocolate cake, all topped off with a festive starlight mint and a dash of holiday sparkle.


What better time to debut a new red velvet recipe than the holidays? And this little number is truly a Christmas miracle! For those of you who are into that sorta thing. This classic southern buttermilk cake has a hint of cocoa and is topped off with a generous swirl of cream cheese frosting. And oh yeah, IT'S RED!

So get on in here and get some! OR, stay at home, order online, and have them delivered! Santa's not the only one making house calls. CLICK HERE to order some now. They're perfect for parties, hostess gifts, at home, the office, school, teachers, Secret Santa's...whatever!

Let the holiday funtimes begin! 'Tis the season, indeed.

All images by the talented cfisherphotography.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fireworks! No fingers lost in the process.

Because these Fireworks are soccer players. Super, duper awesome soccer players, who happen to sport the sassiest little uniforms this side of the Mississippi. The story of the Fireworks will surely go down in sports saga history, alongside such great tales as Mighty Ducks and Mighty Ducks 2.

Legends in the making.

The Fireworks were a team of 7-year-old girls who had it all going for them - skills, camaraderie, sportsmanship and a dynamic duo of coaches. However, they lacked just one thing - sass. And if anyone knows how to sass it up, and sass it up GOOD, it's Cupcake Royale. To the rescue! We swooped in with our mad digital art skillZ and extensive sassy slogan catalogue to whip up one fine lookin' uniform. Offset hot pink cupcake on the front, "DOES A BOOTY GOOD" printed on the back. On the booty, to be precise.

The dawn of a new, sassier era in youth soccer.

Clearly, the Fireworks were sparked by this new found style and pizzazz. All decked out in their sweet new uniforms, the girls went on to thoroughly rock the 8 other teams in the Capitol Hill Youth Soccer League, earning an 8-0 record, with an average margin of victory of 7 goals. Yes. 7 goals.

Simply unstoppable.

The undefeated, pint-sized footballers finished their season in first place, and celebrated in style with a Sprinkle-Your-Own-Cupcake party at our Capitol Hill café.

Time to get your sprinkle on.

Well done, Fireworks. You are indeed an inspiration to us all.

Wanna throw a Sprinkle-Your-Own-Cupcake (SYOC) party at our Capitol Hill party table? Yeah. You do. Click HERE for details and booking.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Art for November

It's November and we have a fresh crop of new art in our cafes to go with our new Cupcake of the Month, Cranberry Orange!

Entryway Proposal for University Art Museum by Leo Saul Berk

Our Capitol Hill store is pleased to present a new group show called I do which explores the relationships between artist couples.

Dawn Cerny & Davidson Warren Burnam collaborated on a set of photographs that re-enact war scenes from a battlefield in Delaware. These photographs eventually became the source material for Dawn's show last year at Henry Art Gallery called "We're all going to die (except for you).". In conjunction with Blitz, Davidson's band Katherine Hepburn's Voice will perform live at 7pm on Thursday, November 12.

Claire Cowie & Leo Saul Berk are each exhibiting two prints. Leo's are architectural renderings for a museum. Claire is showing two prints from an architectural sculpture. Between the two of them, they've created very different takes on imaginary spaces.

Erin Shafkind

Artist Erin Shafkind is exhibiting new work in West Seattle in a show called, The Flats of Life.

"Growing up in Los Angeles, with a single mom, McDonald’s every Tuesday, and lots of television I have been greatly influenced by popular culture and modern mythology. I always felt that there was something else, something intangible that I needed, but more and more I wonder if this is a product of growing up in American Corporate culture that strived to create illusion so we would consume. Do I know what I want? What makes me happy?

In this show I am sharing a few photographs and several objects made from 1/4” birch plywood. Spinning off the idea of the flat image I am trying to create something fun yet iconic, therefore potentially mythic and even sacred. Each wood piece is editioned to 11, the idea of repetition hopefully pushing the boundaries of the machine. Yet all are hand cut and drawn and are objects that I find to be truly beautiful."

One of Cupcake Royale's dear friends, curator Daniel R. Smith, returns with his annual poster show in Madrona. This year it's the Seattle-Moscow Poster Show, highlighting some of the best poster designs from Russia and Seattle. This show had its debut at Bumbershoot, where it's become a yearly highlight for the festival.

"In this third and final poster show linking Seattle to cities around the world (following Havana and Tehran), I chose to visit Moscow. My decision was based on the strong tradition of Russian graphic design, current and historical political differences between our countries, and the idea of exploring design in a post-revolutionary culture—a thematic bond that unites Havana, Tehran and Moscow from the perspective of the United States."

Dan is currently traveling so this show will be installed Saturday, November 7.

In Ballard this month, we're pleased to present returning artist Brandon Ilenstine.

"I find great pleasure in studying modern minimalism, high fashion, and urban decay. The unique contrast of traditional beauty against the deterioration of modern destruction is awe-inspiring and serves as the basis of my work.

My images investigate the nuances of human hope and evolution through self exploration. I love iconic imagery, anatomical illustration, and chaotic backgrounds. I explore abstract dream-like scenery and meditative environments which suggest the expansion of one’s self without the interruptions of the world."