Monday, November 16, 2009

Fireworks! No fingers lost in the process.

Because these Fireworks are soccer players. Super, duper awesome soccer players, who happen to sport the sassiest little uniforms this side of the Mississippi. The story of the Fireworks will surely go down in sports saga history, alongside such great tales as Mighty Ducks and Mighty Ducks 2.

Legends in the making.

The Fireworks were a team of 7-year-old girls who had it all going for them - skills, camaraderie, sportsmanship and a dynamic duo of coaches. However, they lacked just one thing - sass. And if anyone knows how to sass it up, and sass it up GOOD, it's Cupcake Royale. To the rescue! We swooped in with our mad digital art skillZ and extensive sassy slogan catalogue to whip up one fine lookin' uniform. Offset hot pink cupcake on the front, "DOES A BOOTY GOOD" printed on the back. On the booty, to be precise.

The dawn of a new, sassier era in youth soccer.

Clearly, the Fireworks were sparked by this new found style and pizzazz. All decked out in their sweet new uniforms, the girls went on to thoroughly rock the 8 other teams in the Capitol Hill Youth Soccer League, earning an 8-0 record, with an average margin of victory of 7 goals. Yes. 7 goals.

Simply unstoppable.

The undefeated, pint-sized footballers finished their season in first place, and celebrated in style with a Sprinkle-Your-Own-Cupcake party at our Capitol Hill café.

Time to get your sprinkle on.

Well done, Fireworks. You are indeed an inspiration to us all.

Wanna throw a Sprinkle-Your-Own-Cupcake (SYOC) party at our Capitol Hill party table? Yeah. You do. Click HERE for details and booking.


  1. little children don't have sass yet)


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