Monday, June 29, 2009

Simply Stunning

Photo courtesy of Jordan Stead.


Pride weekend meant big fun for Seattle, and cupcakers especially. We started it all off bright and early Saturday morning with Equalityoga at Cal Anderson Park. Part of the Stonewall 4o festivities, (commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots,) Equalityoga brought together some of the city's best yogis to lead hundred of Seattleites in an outdoor, public yoga session. From Downward Dog to Lotus, hundreds of humans were bending and posing for equal rights, peace, and love. It was a beautiful thing, people. PLUS, mad yogis were rockin' the Legalize Gay Cupcakes tee!

Sunday was THE day for Pride fun, as the annual Pride parade took over 4th Avenue in beautiful downtown Seattle. Miss Cupcake Royale lead our pack through the thick of it, while Mini (The Mini Cooper Clubman) hauled our big, gay, sparkly cupcake through throngs of screaming supporters. It. Was. Fabulous.

Thanks to all who cheered us on and helped us out. Big thanks to the Wilmots for the super sweet cupcake chariot, and HUUUGE thanks to Miss Cupcake Royale for leading the way with grace, class, and SASS.

You can still buy your very own Legalize Gay Cupcakes tee shirt by visiting one of our cafés, or by clicking HERE. Remember $5 goes to Lambda Legal!

Aww. Feel the love, people. Feel. The. LOVE.

Thanks to Joey Veltkamp for the sweet parade pics. Check out more on his blog!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Sassy Molassey!

Chicken wire?


Fuschia lamé?

Yeah. That's right. It's the big sparkly cupcake. You may have seen it hoisted over the doorway here in our Ballard café and thought, "Woah. That's a big sparkly cupcake." And if you're downtown for the Pride parade this weekend, (alllll the cool kids are goin') you'll see it again...roped on top of a Mini Cooper Clubman.

Leading the way for our big-gay-sparkly-cupcake troupe will be THE Miss Cupcake Royale. Her 5 inch hot pink heels arrived in the mail today, and she's already working on her strut. Check this vintage shot of the famed CC Royale:

Oh SNAP! Grab your LEGALIZE GAY CUPCAKES tee shirt. Put on your own 5 inch hot pink heels. And we will see you there. And it will be FABULOUS.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just say NO to the co-op proposal

We've said it before, and we will say it again. The Co-op plan that everyone is all abuzz about these days is NOT a strong public health option. It's a watered-down deal that will have neither the financial stability nor bargaining power to lower health care costs and provide coverage for all Americans. And, unfortunately, some senators are willing to blow our best chance at health care reform in a decade on this weak proposal.

If you're not sure what a co-op is, you're not alone. The whole conversation on health care reform becomes more confusing every day. The idea behind a real public plan is that a national, non-profit health care provider will have the federal clout and government backing to compete with the massive private insurance companies that currently have a choke hold on our health care system. The national public insurance plan would be affordable for all Americans, and that would force private insurance companies to lower their rates if they want to compete in a health care market they no longer have cornered. Now THAT, is a good deal. No more leaving life and death matters up to big business. That's gross.

Regional co-ops and state-managed public plans will never have the financial stability or national muscle to compete with private insurance. They'll still be funded by your tax dollars, but they will not lower health care costs on any significant scale. Nothing sounds good about that.

We can't let the co-op proposal keep us from fixing health care in this country. Our best chance at real reform is in danger, and our very own Senator Cantwell has voiced her support of that threat. OUCH! Call Senator Maria Cantwell today, and urge her to listen to the good people of Washington, and give us the health care reform we need. Tell her that anything other than a strong public health insurance option is unacceptable, and that means co-ops are out.

Senator Maria Cantwell
Phone: 202-224-3441
District Offices:
Everett: 425-303-0114
Richland: 509-946-8106
Seattle: 206-220-6400
Spokane: 509-353-2507
Tacoma: 253-572-2281
Vancouver: 360-696-7838

And while you're on the phone, you may as well give Senator Patty Murray a call, too.

Senator Patty Murray
Phone: 202-224-2621
District Offices:
Bellevue: 425-462-4460
Everett: 425-259-6515
Seattle: 206-553-5545
Spokane: 509-624-9515
Vancouver: 360-696-7797
Yakima: 509-453-7462

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Public Health Plan is Your Friend

Great for groceries. Not for health care.

And a bunch of private co-ops do not a public health plan make. Jody was on Weekday with Steve Scher today, along with pro-public-plan-all-stars Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Jim McDermott, explaining why this country needs a public option for health care. Senator Maria Cantwell was there too, voicing her support for the co-op plan, seen by some as a last ditch attempt by Democrats to gain Republican support for a national health care reform bill. Click HERE to listen to the podcast and hear what Jody had to say.

Then take her advice, and call Senator Cantwell's office (206.224.3441,) and explain why the only hope for quality, affordable health care coverage for all Americans is a public plan. Washington CAN! has already issued a response to Cantwell's assertion that co-ops are a viable substitute for a true public health option in the U.S.:

“Private co-ops are not a public option and therefore cannot succeed at President Obama’s goals of lowering costs and keeping the insurance industry honest,” said Deana Knutsen, chair of Washington CAN!, the state’s largest grassroots community organization. “Any proposals that dilute and delay that option are no substitute. If it’s not national, not publicly accountable, doesn’t have bargaining clout, and isn’t ready on day one, then it’s not a strong public health insurance option, and it won’t fix our health care system.”

To get fully informed on this oh-so-important issue of co-ops masquerading as a public health option, click HERE to read the entire release. It's really, REALLY good. Washington CAN! rules it. Big time.

Turns out, the overwhelming majority of Americans are on board for the public option. According to a recent New York Times / CBS poll, 72 percent of people in these United States support a public health care plan. Even more interestingly, half of all Republicans surveyed support it. It seems pretty clear what we as Americans need, and what we want. Click HERE to read the Sunday Times article about the poll.

For even more health care info, click HERE to read this Sunday Times opinion piece on a public plan.

Senator Cantwell's office number again - 206.224.3441

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anything we can do, she can do better.

Because Michelle Obama is superhuman. Nay, suprahuman. Check out these berry-topped cupcake beauties she made with the kiddos of Bancroft Elementary when they stopped by the White House yesterday for a little garden education and vegetable planting sesh with the First Lady.

Everything about that last sentence is what's right with the world.

And to top it off, these cupcakes were made with honey, not sugar, because, as we mentioned, Michelle Obama is mind-bogglingly awesome. Holy cupcakes do we love, love, LOVE that lady.

Thanks to gals at Cupcakes Take the Cake for this super sweet scoop.



Go on, now. Stick a couple straws in your nose and say it like Will and Dee Dee did on that episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Queen Latifah guest-starred as Will's full-figured lady friend that he was too embarrassed to take to the dance (She Ain't Heavy, Season 2.)

Our July Cupcake of the Month is worthy of just that kind of enthusiasm, because it is almost too delicious. Almost.

We take the freshest, ripest, juiciest strawberries from our pals over at Skagit Sun Farms, and we whip them up into a sweet and summery strawberry buttercream. Then we swirl it on top of our delicious, new, More Moisty-er! vanilla buttercake, and sprinkle it with a little bit of red sparkle. This is cupcake magic, people. It's like an old-fashioned strawberry shortcake, in cupcake form.

Skagit Valley Strawberry cupcakes will be in pastry cases starting July 1st, but you can call to order ahead today! They're the perfect summer treat for 4th of July BBQs, Sunday picnics, a day at the park, or just because it's summer, and you deserve it.

Also available in adorably delicious babycakes. Little green berry box not included.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Legalize Gay Cupcakes!

It makes sense. Really, it does. You know what totally does NOT make sense? Making gay cupcakes illegal. That's just absurd. But, as it turns out, that's just what some people want to do. So, so sad. We think it's time those people learned...


1. They are fresh and delicious.
2. They are all-natural.
3. They feel the same cupcake LOVE other cupcakes do.
4. They look AMAZING in pink.
5. They know how to rock the sparkle. Err, sprinkles.
6. They live in your neighborhood.
7. They work in your community.
8. They pay the same taxes you do. Well, more if you're lucky enough be legally married to the person you love.
9. They are asking for equal rights. No more. No less.
10. They are your friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers, teachers, doctors, business owners, politicians, religious leaders, artists, baristas, your community.

Our community.

And we believe that every member of our cupcake community, regardless of flavor, swirl size, or sprinkle type, deserves the same rights and opportunities. It's just the Royale way.

If you agree (and we sure hope you do) you should buy our sweet "Legalize Gay Cupcakes" tee shirt, buttons, and stickers. Proceeds go to Lambda Legal, to help them keep fighting the good fight for equality on a national level. Starting tomorrow, you can get 'em at any of our three cafés, or you can click HERE right now to buy one online.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Squirrel dropped by the West Side a little early this year...

See, Mr. Squirrel is like Santa Claus. Just because it isn't Harvest Fest yet, that doesn't mean he's not out there, watching. Making sure all you little girls and boys are being extra good, so when it comes time to hand out those delicious Harvest Festival cupcakes, he knows who's been naughty or nice.

Seems he felt the need to check in on the good folks of the West Seattle Junction recently. It was a sunny day in the Junction when Mr. Squirrel poked his little nose into our West Seattle café. Our doors were wide open, welcoming West Seattleites young and old into our sweet world of cupcake goodness, and Mr. Squirrel took us up on the offer. He boldly scampered in (turns out, you CAN scamper boldly) and set his eyes on a customer's Dance Party with Holly Hobbie. Understandably, she was not super excited to share it with him. As we upped our efforts to shoo him back on out into the fields, where he ought to be a sowin' and a weedin' his cupcake crop, he whipped out some mad acrobatic skillZ.

Who knew a bucktoothed rodent could move so gracefully over the end of a broom, behind a garbage can, or up a woman's leg? Oh, he did all of that and more. It was a sight to behold. Those who were with us in the café that day can count themselves lucky for sharing a peep at this spectacle of wilderness gone wild.

Rest assured, Mr. Squirrel is back out in the fields tending to the forthcoming cupcake bounty, and Harvest Festival flavors will be in pastry cases on time.

And for those of you who for some reason have NO idea what all this farming talk is about, here's a reminder:

See you in October Mr. Squirrel!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is.

Ok, we're WAY too busy to write a real post today, so enjoy this while we continue to bake test batches of our July cupcake of the month...STRAWBERRY!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pick up the phone.

And give your Washington senators a call. Not the baseball team. That would be weird. It isn't even the right Washington. Also, they don't exist anymore. You'd have to call Minnesota or Texas or something. Stay with us people.

We mean YOUR Washington Senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray. They're waiting by the phone right now to hear what you have to say about health care. Probably.

Yesterday, Barack Obama sent a letter to Senators Kennedy (D-MA) and Baucus (D-MT) restating his commitment to developing a health care system that provides coverage to all Americans. Oh man. It's a REALLY good letter.

In his words, "In 2009, health care reform is not a luxury. It's a necessity we cannot defer." True fact. The President also spoke specifically of the difficulties small business owners face in insuring their employees when he said, "If we do end up with a system where people are responsible for their own insurance, we need to provide a hardship waiver to exempt Americans who cannot afford it. In addition,while I believe that employers have a responsibility to support health insurance for their employees, small businesses face a number of special challenges in affording health benefits and should be exempted." Turns out, some pretty big time people are listening to us little guys. It sure is nice when small business voices are loud enough to be heard over all the corporate clamour.

President Obama has been clear in his support of a public plan option, a plan that would allow those who are happy with their current insurance plans to keep them, while others could join a plan administered by the Government. All Americans would be required to have health insurance, which would bring the costs of coverage down for all.

Make sure our senators are representing us Evergreen-Staters and voicing our support for the public option as well. Give 'em a call, and tell them why we need it. If you work for a small business, or own one of your own, point that out. Small business owners have never been more organized on this issue. The time is now.

Pick up the phone.

Senator Cantwell 206.224.3441
Senator Murray 206.224.2621

But first, how about a trip to the doctor's office? It's not so scary.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Writers. Youth. Public Schools.

That's a whole lotta awesome, and when you put it all together, you get Writers in the Schools, one of the coolest things goin' in this here fine city. WITS is one of our most favorite things ever, and they're ending another school year with two nights of awesome at the Central Library with their Student Reading & Celebration. We love it so much, we gave 'em a bunch of free babycakes.

Some pics from last year's reading, courtesy of the Seattle Arts & Lectures website.

WITS sends writers out into Seattle Public Schools (in case you were confused by their name) to literally teach kids how to use their words. Turns out, when you give young people access to creative outlets, the results will blow your mind. Come and get your mind blown tonight and tomorrow night as students read the work they've produced over the past school year with the help of WITS.

Central Library (the big shiny one down town)
6:00 pm
6/3 (TONIGHT) Elementary & Junior High students read their work
6/4 High School students read theirs
BOTH NIGHTS - there will be FREE babycakes.

For more information on Writers in the Schools, click HERE.

Cupcakes. Kiddos. Sunshine.

A winning combo for summer.

Stone cold chillin'.

A dingo ate my babycake!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Health Care. Now. Speak Up!

Last week was a busy one for Seattle small businesses, organizations, and community-minded individuals who were working together for some health care reform. You may know (Oh, you KNOW) that Jody Hall, Cupcake bosslady, is a big time advocate for said reform and is becoming a pretty valuable player in the small business organizing game.

Small businesses are the collective largest employer of Americans. That's good for everybody. They also employ the largest number of uninsured or under-insured individuals. That's good for nuthin'. Being that they are small business owners, they are way too busy to get they butts on the lobbying train, and who has money to hire the fancy people to do that stuff for you?

Not us. So we do it ourselves.

Jody has been working with the Washington Small Business Coalition for Health Care Reform, and efforts seem to be coming to a head right about now. Turns out, the Obama administration is pretty hip to the idea of reforming the inarguably mismanaged, lop-sided, and ineffective health care system we've developed here in these United States. Lawmakers want to hear what we have to say about it, so we're telling them.

Jody Hall, Senator Patty Murray, Molly Moon

First, Jody met with Senator Patty Murray and fellow small business owner Molly Moon to talk shop about what's the what for small businesses who want to insure their people. We insure our people here at Cupcake Royale, but it costs us. A lot. Way too much. And that's not cool. We pay way more for way less coverage than the big guys. Again, not cool.

What is cool? Patty Murray, 4th ranking Democratic Senator, agrees. She wants to know what's happening here, in the real world, to us regular types.

Molly Moon, Congressman Jim McDermott, Jody Hall in our Madrona café!

And so does Congressman Jim McDermott, head of the Progressive Caucus on Health Care Reform. He cares so much, he called us up and asked to chat. Right in our café.

And, if we read her correctly while Jody was at the White House pleading this case, so does Nancy-Ann DeParle, the Director of Obama's Committee on Health Care Reform. So, it would seem, now is the time. Lawmakers are listening. So we better speak up. And that's just what more than 5,000 of us did last Saturday as we marched through Seattle in the name of quality, affordable coverage for all.

Way to get out and get it done, people! Word on the street is the House will release its much anticipated health care reform bill within the next 10 days. We spoke up. Let's see who was listening.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Crude SIFF Premiere! Be there.

What if the world paid attention before it was too late?

The time is now. The final cut of Sweet Crude is premiering at SIFF this Wednesday at 7 PM at the Egyptian Theatre, and it could not be more timely. Since May 15th, the Niger Delta has been under attack by the Nigerian Military Task Force. Government led violence is being blamed for the deaths of between 500 and 1,000 civilians, and the displacement of some 30,000 refugees. The people of the Delta are more desperate now than ever, without access to food or water. Oporoza, the village featured in the film, has been burned to the ground.

All of this is for oil. It is not just an environmental issue. Oil is a human rights issue, and it affects us all. For the past four decades, the Delta has been the source of billions of dollars in oil revenues for the Nigerian Government and for multinational oil companies. The people who make their homes in the Delta, who fish the waters run slick with oil, whose crops are watered by the acid rains, whose homes are shadowed by the black smoke clouds of gas flares, have yet to see a penny of the massive wealth that flows beneath their feet.

Sweet Crude is their story. Make sure it is heard.

Come to the screening this Wednesday. If you can't make it Wednesday, come on Saturday the 13th, and join us for the Q & A afterwards. Details to come.

Sweet Crude SIFF Premiere
WEDNESDAY 6/3 @ 7:00 PM
Egyptian Theatre

Sweet Crude Kirkland Screening
SUNDAY 6/7 @ 1:30 PM
Kirkand Performing Arts Center

Sweet Crude Final Screening
SATURDAY 6/13 @ 1:30 PM
Egyptian Theatre

Click HERE for tickets!

More info on how to get involved at

Photos by Kendra Thornbury.