Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just say NO to the co-op proposal

We've said it before, and we will say it again. The Co-op plan that everyone is all abuzz about these days is NOT a strong public health option. It's a watered-down deal that will have neither the financial stability nor bargaining power to lower health care costs and provide coverage for all Americans. And, unfortunately, some senators are willing to blow our best chance at health care reform in a decade on this weak proposal.

If you're not sure what a co-op is, you're not alone. The whole conversation on health care reform becomes more confusing every day. The idea behind a real public plan is that a national, non-profit health care provider will have the federal clout and government backing to compete with the massive private insurance companies that currently have a choke hold on our health care system. The national public insurance plan would be affordable for all Americans, and that would force private insurance companies to lower their rates if they want to compete in a health care market they no longer have cornered. Now THAT, is a good deal. No more leaving life and death matters up to big business. That's gross.

Regional co-ops and state-managed public plans will never have the financial stability or national muscle to compete with private insurance. They'll still be funded by your tax dollars, but they will not lower health care costs on any significant scale. Nothing sounds good about that.

We can't let the co-op proposal keep us from fixing health care in this country. Our best chance at real reform is in danger, and our very own Senator Cantwell has voiced her support of that threat. OUCH! Call Senator Maria Cantwell today, and urge her to listen to the good people of Washington, and give us the health care reform we need. Tell her that anything other than a strong public health insurance option is unacceptable, and that means co-ops are out.

Senator Maria Cantwell
Phone: 202-224-3441
District Offices:
Everett: 425-303-0114
Richland: 509-946-8106
Seattle: 206-220-6400
Spokane: 509-353-2507
Tacoma: 253-572-2281
Vancouver: 360-696-7838

And while you're on the phone, you may as well give Senator Patty Murray a call, too.

Senator Patty Murray
Phone: 202-224-2621
District Offices:
Bellevue: 425-462-4460
Everett: 425-259-6515
Seattle: 206-553-5545
Spokane: 509-624-9515
Vancouver: 360-696-7797
Yakima: 509-453-7462


  1. Go Cupcake Royale! I agree 100%

  2. Wow, thanks for laying it out in clear, simple terms. The fact that the best explanation of the co-op health care issue I've found is on a cupcake blog just makes it all the more awesome!