Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Squirrel dropped by the West Side a little early this year...

See, Mr. Squirrel is like Santa Claus. Just because it isn't Harvest Fest yet, that doesn't mean he's not out there, watching. Making sure all you little girls and boys are being extra good, so when it comes time to hand out those delicious Harvest Festival cupcakes, he knows who's been naughty or nice.

Seems he felt the need to check in on the good folks of the West Seattle Junction recently. It was a sunny day in the Junction when Mr. Squirrel poked his little nose into our West Seattle café. Our doors were wide open, welcoming West Seattleites young and old into our sweet world of cupcake goodness, and Mr. Squirrel took us up on the offer. He boldly scampered in (turns out, you CAN scamper boldly) and set his eyes on a customer's Dance Party with Holly Hobbie. Understandably, she was not super excited to share it with him. As we upped our efforts to shoo him back on out into the fields, where he ought to be a sowin' and a weedin' his cupcake crop, he whipped out some mad acrobatic skillZ.

Who knew a bucktoothed rodent could move so gracefully over the end of a broom, behind a garbage can, or up a woman's leg? Oh, he did all of that and more. It was a sight to behold. Those who were with us in the café that day can count themselves lucky for sharing a peep at this spectacle of wilderness gone wild.

Rest assured, Mr. Squirrel is back out in the fields tending to the forthcoming cupcake bounty, and Harvest Festival flavors will be in pastry cases on time.

And for those of you who for some reason have NO idea what all this farming talk is about, here's a reminder:

See you in October Mr. Squirrel!

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  1. Oh Harvest Festival Cupcakes, how I love Thee.

    Let me count the ways...