Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Sassy Molassey!

Chicken wire?


Fuschia lamé?

Yeah. That's right. It's the big sparkly cupcake. You may have seen it hoisted over the doorway here in our Ballard café and thought, "Woah. That's a big sparkly cupcake." And if you're downtown for the Pride parade this weekend, (alllll the cool kids are goin') you'll see it again...roped on top of a Mini Cooper Clubman.

Leading the way for our big-gay-sparkly-cupcake troupe will be THE Miss Cupcake Royale. Her 5 inch hot pink heels arrived in the mail today, and she's already working on her strut. Check this vintage shot of the famed CC Royale:

Oh SNAP! Grab your LEGALIZE GAY CUPCAKES tee shirt. Put on your own 5 inch hot pink heels. And we will see you there. And it will be FABULOUS.


  1. Aw yeah! I'll be there!!! Can't wait. Thanks for supporting Lambda!

  2. I wish I could come-seems like a whole lotta fun!