Monday, June 22, 2009

A Public Health Plan is Your Friend

Great for groceries. Not for health care.

And a bunch of private co-ops do not a public health plan make. Jody was on Weekday with Steve Scher today, along with pro-public-plan-all-stars Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Jim McDermott, explaining why this country needs a public option for health care. Senator Maria Cantwell was there too, voicing her support for the co-op plan, seen by some as a last ditch attempt by Democrats to gain Republican support for a national health care reform bill. Click HERE to listen to the podcast and hear what Jody had to say.

Then take her advice, and call Senator Cantwell's office (206.224.3441,) and explain why the only hope for quality, affordable health care coverage for all Americans is a public plan. Washington CAN! has already issued a response to Cantwell's assertion that co-ops are a viable substitute for a true public health option in the U.S.:

“Private co-ops are not a public option and therefore cannot succeed at President Obama’s goals of lowering costs and keeping the insurance industry honest,” said Deana Knutsen, chair of Washington CAN!, the state’s largest grassroots community organization. “Any proposals that dilute and delay that option are no substitute. If it’s not national, not publicly accountable, doesn’t have bargaining clout, and isn’t ready on day one, then it’s not a strong public health insurance option, and it won’t fix our health care system.”

To get fully informed on this oh-so-important issue of co-ops masquerading as a public health option, click HERE to read the entire release. It's really, REALLY good. Washington CAN! rules it. Big time.

Turns out, the overwhelming majority of Americans are on board for the public option. According to a recent New York Times / CBS poll, 72 percent of people in these United States support a public health care plan. Even more interestingly, half of all Republicans surveyed support it. It seems pretty clear what we as Americans need, and what we want. Click HERE to read the Sunday Times article about the poll.

For even more health care info, click HERE to read this Sunday Times opinion piece on a public plan.

Senator Cantwell's office number again - 206.224.3441

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  1. Hi! Thanks for doing this! I'm a self-employed mom of 2 (non-cupcake eater, I'm afraid) and read about Jody and her blog last night in The Stranger. I just wanted to let you know that I think your idea of putting Senator Cantwell's phone # on your coffee cups is FANTASTIC. Anything we can do to mobilize people to try and exert their political will is so important right now!


    Caitlin Rothermel