Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Legalize Gay Cupcakes!

It makes sense. Really, it does. You know what totally does NOT make sense? Making gay cupcakes illegal. That's just absurd. But, as it turns out, that's just what some people want to do. So, so sad. We think it's time those people learned...


1. They are fresh and delicious.
2. They are all-natural.
3. They feel the same cupcake LOVE other cupcakes do.
4. They look AMAZING in pink.
5. They know how to rock the sparkle. Err, sprinkles.
6. They live in your neighborhood.
7. They work in your community.
8. They pay the same taxes you do. Well, more if you're lucky enough be legally married to the person you love.
9. They are asking for equal rights. No more. No less.
10. They are your friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers, teachers, doctors, business owners, politicians, religious leaders, artists, baristas, your community.

Our community.

And we believe that every member of our cupcake community, regardless of flavor, swirl size, or sprinkle type, deserves the same rights and opportunities. It's just the Royale way.

If you agree (and we sure hope you do) you should buy our sweet "Legalize Gay Cupcakes" tee shirt, buttons, and stickers. Proceeds go to Lambda Legal, to help them keep fighting the good fight for equality on a national level. Starting tomorrow, you can get 'em at any of our three cafés, or you can click HERE right now to buy one online.


  1. I'm totally bi when it comes to Cupcakes.

  2. YAY I WANT THAT SHIRT!! I will wear it on youtube!!!

  3. I want a cupcake shirt, but the link isn't working. Help!!

  4. I also want a shirt, and the link still isnt working. :(

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