Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 155 Cupcake-O-Gram: A sugar-coated message to Olympia

Well, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, so those brainy ladies over at MomsRising figured they'd catch more support from their legislators with cupcakes...155 of them. And we know the way to really get your message out there is to make sure those cupcakes are Royale, so we hooked 'em up.

See? Early learning is fun! Don't kill our funding.

This morning at our Capitol Hill café, we hosted a horde of tots and their handlers at our Sprinkle Bar. The agenda of this meeting of the Moms: get the message out to our legislators that early learning must be a priority for Washington state, and that we can't balance the budget at the expense of our own children. The vehicle: CUPCAKES!

There's genius in them there cakes! Let us nurture it.

It takes a brilliant communications mind with a true insider's perspective of the Evergreen State's political underbelly to finesse a message this sweetly.

Turns out, there was a huge turn out, and the 155 Cupcake-O-Gram surpassed its mark. 181 cupcakes are on their way to Olympia tomorrow! The wee ones may not be able to vote, but it looks like these kiddos already have the political game down pat. Well played, kiddos. Well played indeed.

For more info on MomsRising and the immeasurable value of early learning for our state, head HERE. Get involved. Do it for the kids!

Oh yeah - this isn't the first time we've teamed up with Moms (aka Hot Mamas). Remember that massive march for health care last May? Yup, mothers were leading the way on that one, too. Moms rule.

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