Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hot Mama! A Mother's Day 4-Pak

Moms are the best. Period. And we can think of no better way to honor their collective maternal radness than with this simultaneously tongue-scorching and mouth-watering combo of delicious cupcakes. These four flavors combine to form a 4-pak tour de force that is sure to put a smile on Mom's face this weekend.

Hot and spicy. Sweet and salty. Sophisticated and sassy. Get one for your mama, your mama's mama, and your baby mama.

Call to order up some Hot Mama 4-Paks today, or click HERE to build your own using our web-based cupcake-o-matic.

Frosters are standing by to take your call.
Ballard | 206.782.9557
Madrona | 206.709.4497
West Seattle | 206.932.2971


  1. You are teasing me...
    I want a hot mama 4 pack.
    But the shipping of myself is way too much 750.00$ for a round trip ticket-oh well, maybe next Hot Mama's Day
    -thanks for think of us Mom's, we love a good cupcake!

  2. I saw your scorcher cupcake and fell in love. I am however stationed in Germany with my husband. I would love to taste your treats as cupcakes are my passion. We have cake parties here in the park with all kinds of people it is growing and growing every month. I would love to get ahold of your recipe for the scorcher if you would be willing to allow me to make it for personal comsuption only in my own kitchen. My email addy is If you would be so kind I would be soever grateful.

  3. "Frosters are standing to take your call" you're killin' me! hilarious!

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