Thursday, May 28, 2009

NBC Nightly News does Cupcake Royale

This is what it looks like when Steve Bazell, Chief Science & Health Correspondent from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, comes to Cupcake Royale to interview Jody about health care.

NOTE: Unlike our White House-themed fun with PhotoShop, this photo is not doctored. This is exactly how it went down yesterday here in Ballard.

On your far left you have a big time TV cameraman, immortalizing the cupcake goodness on celluloid. To his right, in the foreground, we have the one and only Jody Hall. Toward the back in the nice looking suit, we have none other than Steve Bazell. And finally, rockin' her sweet blue Vert shirt and some short denim cutoffs, you see froster extraordinaire, Ali Masterson. Ali was also filmed riding her cycle stallion down Market Street, her denim cutoffs topped off with a hot pink helmet.

Safety first. Killer style a very close second.

Don't be alarmed by the denim cutoffs. Ali is not a nevernude. Free cupcake to the FIRST person who posts the name of someone who IS a nevernude. HINT: It is exactly what it sounds like.

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, Jody Hall is REALLY into affordable, quality health care for all Americans, and she's been working hard to make it happen. First, she spent a year and a half traveling down to Oly on behalf of the Washington Small Business for Secure Health Care Coalition, a project of our pals over at Washington CAN! After spreading the good word around this Washington, she was invited to go to THAT Washington. The one where Obama lives. She went to his house, actually. The White one. She met with Nancy-Ann DeParle and Larry Summers about health care costs for small business owners. Check it HERE.

And now, NBC is hot to her game and came on out to feature her for the news. We'll let you know when it airs. As of now, could be a week...could be a month.

Wanna be a part of all this health care fun? We know you do. And that's why you're gonna join us in the sun on Saturday as we march from Pratt Park to Westlake Center in the name of Health Care for All in 2009. Jody will be there, and so will her baby mama, Kelly, and their baby boy, Truman. And so will Patty Murray. And so will Jim McDermott. So will I. And hopefully, so will you.

Now is the time. Get involved. Be heard. Make it happen.

WHAT: March for Health Care for all in 2009
WHEN: Saturday May 30 @ 12:30
WHERE: Starting at Pratt Park and ending at Westlake Center
WHO: You. Me. Us. Spread the word!

For more info, click HERE.
For a map, click HERE.

See you THERE.


  1. Cay wins! Cay wins! Send me an email and we'll get you hooked up with that free cupcake.

    We also would have accepted either of the two German members of Parliament, or the creator of Girls With Low Self-Esteem (played by Zach Braff).

  2. There are dozens of us! Literally, dozens!

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