Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Run for Your Rights & Away We Go!

Saturday. Greenlake. Run. Or walk. Just be there.

This Saturday, a whole bunch of organizations we love and a writer we think is hilarious are getting together to make it pretty much the best Saturday ever.

First things first: You are not too late to register for NARAL's Run For Your Rights! You can still get signed up online, and for those of you with serious commitment issues, you can actually wait right up until the last minute and register on site on Saturday. Be there by 11 to get signed in, and get ready to run at noon.

We can think of no better reason to run, walk, or straight up skip around Greenlake than for NARAL. We're already planning for next year's Chocolate for Choice...where we have been named Best Baker 2 years in a row...Just sayin'.

After that:

Two more of our most favorite awesome squads are putting on a killer event at the Harvard Exit. Our superfriends over at the Northwest Film Forum are sponsoring a fundraiser for 826 Seattle at 4:30 pm. In case you haven't heard, Dave Eggers is trying his hand at screenwriting, and we have a feeling he's gonna be pretty, pretty, pretty good at it. Come on out for a sneak peek of his new film Away We Go, starring none other than John Krasinski (Jim of the Office) and Maya Rudolph (formerly of SNL).

In case you were not convinced already...DAVE EGGERS IS GOING TO BE THERE. Yep.

Get tickets HERE.

See you there.

Oh yeah, and then come on in and celebrate a Saturday well-spent with a cupcake 'n' coffee!

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