Thursday, May 14, 2009

This blonde ain't from a bottle.

Oh, you don't know about Syttende Mai? Weird. We thought everyone did. Maybe you call it by its other name, Grunnlovsdag. No? Well, Syttende Mai is literally the 17th of May. It's Norwegian Constitution Day, and you can bet the Scandinavian stronghold that is Ballard will be partying down this Sunday in the name of Mother Norway.

From 1-3 there will be games for the kiddos at the Ballard Community Center on 28th . Aww. Nordic wee ones.

The parade heads out at 4:00 pm from the corner of 62nd and 24th, near Adams School, and marches right on through the heart of Ballard.

Wait a darn minute, we're in the heart of Ballard! After the dance, and before you drop your hottest Norwegian dance moves at Leif Erikson Hall, you should come on in for a cupcake + coffee. You'll need the sugar + caffeine to keep up with the musical stylings of the Smilin' Scandinavians from 8pm - Midnight over there at good ol' Leif Erikson's.

Seriously though, regardless of your Nordic status, you should come check this business out. It is a sight to behold and a good time to be had, for sure. If the above photos are not enough to persuade you, try this one.

For more info, go HERE. See you Sunday.


  1. Just a heads up the festivities are on Sunday, not Saturday.

    I'm excited! I love Syttende Mai!

    - Your local Ballard, Norwegian, Natural Blonde, Nightfroster Ashlea

  2. Ashlea's right, y'all! We updated it seconds after posting, so hopefully nobody slipped throught the cracks with faulty info. The fun times go down on SUNDAY, as the post now correctly states.

    And we ReTweeted it to be safe :)

    Natural Norwegian blondes testify!