Monday, February 1, 2010

Get your booty in these.

It seems any time something becomes uncool, after a brief (zzzing!) hiatus, it comes back, and is the coolest of the cool. Here are some examples:

Bell bottoms
Nuclear power
AM Radio
The 80s
C+C Music Factory
Trail Mix
One-piece swimsuits
Tighty Whities

That's right, if there's anything cooler than breakfast, it's tighty whities. They're back, and they're tightier than ever, but they are not whitier. You can now get tighty whities in pretty much any color, thanks to the cotton connoisseurs over at American Apparel. Plus, they're not just for 10-year-old boys any more. Whether you're a full grown fella tearin' up the Hill on your fixie, or a sassy little lady dollin' it up for a night at the club, (It's pronounced "cloob." The U is long.) the tighty whitey is for you. But it's red. And it has a menacing cake 'n' crossbones on the front, and "Deathcake Royale" spread across the cheeks.

Come. And. Get. It. We got em in all four cafés for $12.50. Get a pair for you, and a pair for your Valentine. The possibilities are endless. Let the night take you where it will.

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  1. deathcake royale undies
    red dye number 2 is back
    retro bum cover