Thursday, January 28, 2010


Deathcake Royale is back! For those of you who have lived lives so pure as to be untouched by this sinister beast, it is time to come to the dark side. Dark chocolate, that is. The darkest. And the chocolaty-est. Muwahahahahaaaaaa!

It's Death-by-Chocolate meets Cupcake Royale, and it is Seattle's most lovingly lethal cupcake. Beneath its cloak of dark chocolate ganache lurk layers of unspeakable Deathcake goodness. We start it off right with a layer of the very best chocolate money can buy - Theo Chocolate. We use it in an intense layer of flourless decadence, sure to have you begging for mercy, or at least a glass of milk.

On top of that, sink your sweet tooth into a bold layer of Stumptown Espresso ganache. This little jolt of caffeinated goodness should provide you with the juice you need to make it through the remaining layers.

Up next: Chocolate cake Royale. Our new, "More Moisty-er!" recipe. Because it wouldn't be a cupcake without the Royale.

Then, because we are not done yet, (and neither are you) we drench the whole thing in a whisper thin layer of dark choclate ganache. Just enough to lock in the delicious mystery that is Deathcake.

So, pile on the protective gear and head on over to your neighborhood Cupcake Royale. Deathcake is here, but only through Valentine's Day. DO NOT MISS OUT. In fact, why don't you just click HERE to order one now.

THEN, click HERE to blow someone THE KISS OF DEATHCAKE on Twitter. Show your Deathcake Tweet, (and tell your Tweeting Sweetie to do the same) and we'll hook you up with a limited-edition Deathcake Royale sticker.


  1. I'm not sure what's up - but I can't figure out how to order a Deathcake on the order page! Should I just cram it in one of the text spots?

  2. Kristin! So sorry we're just seeing this. Please call us ASAP and we will get you hooked up with Deathcakes galore! 206.883.7656