Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pastry Week Installation #3: Cinnamon Roll

You're getting sleepy...your eyelids are getting heavy...uh, you're drooling.

We've all had cinnamon buns before. Some of us may have even dabbled in Cinnabons. However, you have had nothing, nothing, until you try this sweet masterpiece from Le Fournil. A tightly bound coil of light, flaky pastry is held together with sugary cinnamon goodness, and then drenched in a deliciously sticky glaze. And of course, the closer you get to the middle, that epicenter of deliciousness, the better it gets. Each bite setting the stage for the next, each more delectable than the last. If only it never had to end.

Well folks, sadly, everything must end. Including Pastry Week. Tomorrow is your last day to try our delicious new line of breakfast magic for half price. Come in by ten tomorrow morning, buy yourself a cup of coffee, and your pastry is half price.

And don't feel bad about the drooling. You're among friends.

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