Monday, May 3, 2010

We got the pepper.

That's right, people! The Chocolate Scorcher, everyone's favorite little fireball of a chocolate cupcake is back as our May Cupcake of the Month. Moist chocolate cake and rich, chocolaty cream cheese frosting, infused with the heat of guajillo chiles and warm hints of cinnamon and orange oil.

Once again, we've teamed up with our partners in goodness over at Theo Chocolate. This fiery beast is made with their tantalizingly tasty, organic Spicy Chile dark chocolate.

It's sweet meets heat, and it's just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Spice up your celebration by ordering up a batch of these hot tamales!

Click to order yours now. And don't forget - we deliver! To Seattle and the Eastside.


  1. Yum... chiles and chocolate - one of my favorite "chocolate and ?" combinations (love chocolate and bacon too)! I really enjoyed reading through your blog!!


  2. I remember these from last year. They were incredible, amazing, delicious and totally out of this world.