Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cute couple

We won't try to give it one of those inane couples' combo names like Bennifer or Brangelina, (mostly cuz we can't think of one that's funny) but it's kinda like that. Cappuccino + Cupcakes. A match made in caffeine + sugar heaven. However, this hot little item stands no chance of a tragically public break-up, and we know you won't be seeing these two on the cover of Us Weekly any time soon. Although, Cupcake could make the summer beach bodies page. She looks good.

So, what are we talking about? A Cupcake Royale gift pack, of course! It's the holiday season, the season of giving, the most wonderful time of the year! And we've got you covered. Give sweetly with our Cappuccino + Cupcakes Gift Pack. Sipping is oh-so-sweet when you give two vintage-inspired, pink European porcelain cup and saucer sets with two free cupcake cards. And at $20 each, (You save $9. $9!!! Que ganga!) you can afford to sweeten up a few of your friends this season.

It's only available in stores, but lucky for you, we've got four of those, so come on into the one in your neighborhood today, and get your holiday shop on! With a piping hot minty mocha and a Figgy Pudding cupcake, holiday shopping was never so enjoyable.

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