Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 5th Annual Cupcake Harvest Festival is here!

Brought to you by the illustrious Mr. Squirrel...along with Shepherd's Grain, Tiny's Organic Farm, Woodring Farms, and Ralph's Organics. We're servin' up a fresh fall crop of Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Maple, and Carrot Cake cupcakes. Here are the complete stats on our official fall roster.

Hometown: Wenatchee, WA and Monroe, WA
Position: Next to a piping hot cup of caramel apple cider

Everybody's favorite old-timey treat on a cupcake form! A delicious golden cake made with tart chunks of local Honey Crisp apples from Tiny's Organic Farm and sweet apple butter from Woodring Farms. Topped with our house made caramel buttercream, this apple-packed little slugger puts a pie to shame.

Corvalis, OR
Position: Next to a pumpkin latte

Two fall flavor all stars paired together in one ridiculously delicious cupcake. A lightly spiced pumpkin cake made with organic pumpkin from Stahlbush Island Farms is topped with an out-of-the-park maple cream cheese frosting. That's right: MAPLE. CREAM. CHEESE. It's new to the game, but this cake is already batting a thousand.

Hometown: Mount Vernon, WA (Please note that Carrot Cake is still a little sad about this whole "key to the city" situation. Glenn Beck makes cupcakes cry.)
Position: In your mouth

Our classic carrot walnut cake is new and improved now that it's made with fresh, local, organic carrots from Ralph's Organics! Topped with a rich cream cheese swirl, this veteran treat still has a lot of real good innings in it.

There you have it, the key players on the 5th Annual Cupcake Harvest Festival team. And, of course, leading the team to sweet success...Mr. Squirrel! It wouldn't be the Harvest Fest without Mr. Squirrel tees. We got 'em screened on organic cotton in men's, women's, and kid's sizes, plus onesies for all the little babycakes in your life.

So hurry on in and grab a bushel of tasty harvest cupcakes and a sweet new Mr. Squirrel tee.

OR click HERE to order 'em online...and you can even get 'em delivered! To your office, your best friend's office, your house, your apartment, your kids' school, wherever. (sorta)

And stay tuned for the November line-up, when Caramel Apple gets a pinch hitter...Cranberry Orange!


  1. i am very excited about pumpkin maple, but i have an unrelated question: do any of the stores have any babycake hats? have they gone away forever or will they come back when it gets colder?

  2. Hey Sara! I recognize that name...perhaps from the Brave Little Toaster giveaway? Anyhoo, West Seattle has some hats right now, and we've got some on order...should be a couple weeks.

    The pumpkin maple cupcake is too good for words Seriously.

  3. brave little toaster indeed! i think i used that free cupcake certificate like immediately after receiving it. <3

    thanks for the info! there's a midwestern bebeh about to be born into a cold cold midwestern winter - clearly in need of a hat!