Friday, October 2, 2009

Rock Out With Your FREE BABYCAKE Out...tomorrow in Ballard.

That's right party people! ReverbFest, Seattle Weekly's local music extravaganza is taking over Ye Olde Ballard as it does every October, and we can't wait! This year's line-up includes Erik Blood, Final Spins, KHV, The Maldives, Fatal Lucciauno, Visqueen, and many more. These local rockers will be taking the stage at all the Ballard hot spots, like the Sunset, the Tractor, and Conor Byrne, for a neighborhood-wide day of musical awesomeness.

Click HERE for all the details, including show times and locations. Click HERE to download a song from all 64 performers.


But wait! The neighborly funtimes do not stop at the venue doors! Ballard is spreading the love all OVER this weekend. How does a free babycake to wash down your coffee sound? Or how about $2 of a new album at our superfriends' Sonic Boom? Well it can all be yours. A bunch of Ballard businesses are offering free stuff and sweet deals this weekend if you show up wearing your Reverb wristband. Walk in rockin' that wristband at Cupcake Royale, and we'll hook you up with a free babycake with any coffee. Stroll on next door to Asher Anson, and get yourself lookin' good, for %10 off. And then mozy on across the street for $2 of a new album at Sonic Boom.

And the timing could not be more perfect. For you, that is. Why, you ask? Because as of yesterday, WE HAVE HARVEST FEST BABYCAKES! That means you can use your fancy wristband magic to get yourself a tiny taste of Caramel Apple or Pumpkin Maple... on the house.

Contain yourselves.

See you tomorrow.

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