Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great Cupcake Divide

Ok, so maybe this is not quite as important as the current American political divide, or the continental divide, or even learning to divide, for those readers who happen to be in third grade, but there is an issue here at Cupcake Royale that has proven so thoroughly divisive that it seems it may never be settled.

Clowns. Cute or Creepy?

Specifically, clowns on cupcakes, but we would be remiss in not acknowledging that the whole clowns-on-cupcakes dispute obviously stems from the larger clown issues everyone apparently has. So, while this sugar-fueled discussion may not make it to the lectern at any nationally televised debates, we cupcakers still want closure. Cute or creepy?


  1. In this circumstance-CUTE
    Very Birthday traditional.

  2. Yeah, they totally remind this old-timer of the cupcakes he had in elementary school! Very cute. But then I think I like clowns more than the average person (but still just a healthy amount).

  3. I see the appeal, but still find clowns creepy.

  4. Totally cute. The world needs more of them.