Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stephen King done did clowns wrong.

The results are in, and it seems clowns are in need of a serious PR effort. A large chunk of people either can't get Stephen King's famous clown from It out of their minds, or they were permanently scarred by some unutterable childhood clown incident.

Creepy 48%
Cute 36%
A mix of the two 16%

Here are some of the more insightful comments from each side.


• 9 out of 10 children hate clowns. Four of those pretend they don't.

• I don't trust anyone who has to paint a smile on their face.

• Clowns are creepy...Read "It" by Stephen King... *shudder*


• They totally remind this old-timer of the cupcakes he had in elementary school! Very cute.

• In this circumstance-CUTE. Very Birthday traditional.

• Kitschy and just a little bit inappropriate but also like a circus or fair.


• Creepy, but in a yummy way.

Wait...that last comment is a little creepy in and of itself.

Well, if neither cupcakes nor Giulietta Masina is enough to win the masses over, it seems the case for clowns is hopeless. But for those of you who still see clowns as the lovable laughmongers they were meant to be, we're gonna keep the clown toppers around.


  1. Nice work!
    Here's something I never knew until THIS year tho! The IT clown was played by the loveable Tim Curry!
    It's an uphill battle, being a clown, but that's the fun.

  2. Tim Curry! Whoda thunkit?! Confession...cupcakes are scaredy cats, and we never really watched IT in its entirety. Maybe that's why these clown toppers don't really scare us.