Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check. It. Out.

Today's the day we have all been waiting for! We are OPEN! Up and running! Baking and frosting! And so on and so forth...ON CAPITOL HILL! That's right. We swung open the doors to our beautiful new café at 1111 E Pike St this morning. If for some odd reason you haven't come by yet, here is what you're missing.

It's a thing of beauty.

That's right. Cupcake flair.

Sprinkle me bad.

Cupcake Royale + Stumptown Coffee. It doesn't get better.

You so want to sit at the head of THIS table.

Come on baby. Light my cupcake.

Sweet tees.

Fresh from the oven. Hand-frosted with love. And buttercream. REAL buttercream.

It's true. They are. Try 'em. SO good.

All of these beautiful shots are by the oh-so-talented Chelsea Fisher. She is awesome.


  1. My co-workers and I all stopped by for the free babycake and to check out the new shop yesterday morning. Loved it!

  2. Dude, I went to the new location and I was sorry to see that 2 of my cupcakes were low on the frosting, so much that I saw a bit of the top of my cupcake. One was holly and the other was lavender.

  3. @Daniele Say it ain't so!!! Rest assured, I am on it. We have an amazing new crew over there, but it has, of course, been a little overwhelming. I'll let the powers that be know the dollop size needs tending to. Feel free to email me (Jessie) in person as well!

  4. :)aww thanks!! So awesome that you guys strive to be the best, I guess that's why u are!!:D

  5. LOVE the pink barstools! Where could I get some of those??

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