Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Final Countdown!

That's right people! Just one more week until we throw open the doors to our sweeeeeeeeeeet new bakery and café at 1111 E PIKE on Capitol Hill! Yes. Yes. YES! Join us next Wednesday, July 22nd for DAY ONE of Capitol Hill cupcake goodness. We open at 6, and stay open 'til 11, so you can get your cupcake on all day long. Here's what you can expect:

1. CUPCAKES! Featuring our new "More Moisty-er!" recipes. PLUS, we'll have the delicious Strawberry 66 through the end of this month.

2. COFFEE! Truly fine baristas serving up the best from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

3. ART! Our opening show is a doozy, with work from the likes of Claudia Fitch, Ken Kelly, Jeffry Mitchell, and Joey Veltkamp.

To be fair, this cupcake café is a work of art in and of itself. Designed by Roy McMakin & Ian Butcher over at DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE, and all put together by the good guys over at Dovetail, we kind of can't believe how gorgeous it is. With glasswork by Greg Lundgren, woodwork by Sterling Voss, countertops and furniture by Big Leaf Mfg, and a custom stained glass Cupcake Royale by Seattle Stained Glass, it's all pretty magical.

Which brings us to...

4. MAGIC! That's right. We told you it was the Final Countdown. 7 days and counting.


  1. So where on Capitol Hill is it?

  2. Yes Where???? Is this a scavenger hunt or something? Perhaps we are suppose to put our nose to the ground and follow the sent!!!

  3. Well, I can think of few things that smell better than freshly baked cupcakes, so sniffing it out may not be so bad, eh? ;)

    I just updated the post to include the address - 1111 E Pike. Wahoo!

  4. The numbers on Pike Street are wonky, just because it's 1111 it doesn't mean it's on Pike & 11th. Its on the same block as Uncle Elizabeth and for you sleazier lads, same block as Club Z.

  5. mmmm cupcakey goodness. I know their deliciousness isn't any trick, or should I say ILLUUUUSION.

  6. Its EAST Pike Street. By Wildrose

  7. What a truly beautiful cafe and bakery. I adore your stained glass, just beautiful!
    Best wishes for a smooth opening-and LOTS of business.

  8. And convenient to Seattle University. I can feel my butt getting wider already.

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