Friday, July 17, 2009

Final Countdown: 5 Days To Go!

Oh yes, we are putting on the finishing touches and dusting off our table tops for the big day next Wednesday! The new crew is AWESOME, and you all just can't wait to meet them, and vice versa, of course. Pictured here, their fearless leaders:

Holding the camera and rather artlessly cutting off half of her face: Director of Operations for all four of our sweet cupcake cafés...Melanie Bonadore!

Smiling oh-so-sweetly in the middle: Assistant Manager...Leesa Kunke!

And with that come hither stare, and dare we say coy little grin: Capitol Hill Café Manager...Angie Bengtson!

Jody was busy playing with our SWEET neon sign when that lovely lady shot above was taken. Boss Lady like a new toy. Especially when it's a giant glowing cupcake logo.

They are some lovely ladies indeed. Find out for yourself, next Wednesday, when we throw open the doors to 1111 E Pike at 6 am sharp! They'll be there along with the rest of the new 1111 crew, waiting for you, smiling, serving up the goodness: our new MORE MOISTY-ER! cupcakes alongside the very best STUMPTOWN COFFEE. Yes Yes Yes!

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  1. The new location is just so amazing. Congratulations to everyone!