Thursday, July 16, 2009

What You're Doing Tomorrow Night

If you think you have a better idea than sitting out on the lawn at Cal Anderson eating strawberry cupcakes and watching Little Darlings as dusk settles in on Capitol Hill tomorrow evening, we'd beg to differ. Our superfriends and Capitol hill neighbors-to-be over at 3 Dollar Bill Cinema have one sweet evening lined up for you via Outdoor Cinema.

Tomorrow night's film is Little Darlings, starring none other than the adorably 80s Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNichol, Matt Dillon, and Cynthia Nixon.

Sweet AND sassy. Now you KNOW we like it like that.

What, you don't know who Three Dollar Bill Cinema is? Crikey! They're only the queer film cool kids behind the annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Cineoke, Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival, and now...Outdoor Cinema at Cal Anderson Park.

We love everything they do, but we are psyched as all get out about Outdoor Cinema: I Want My 1980. Yeah. That's right. In their words:

"This year’s slate of fun and campy films all come from 1980, the premiere year of the decade that made sexual power plays, alien encounters, and shameless success all the rage."

Sounds good to us! The only thing that could make it better...hmm...CUPCAKES! So, we're donating a bunch of cupcakes to each screening. Buy them, eat them, love them, and all the monies go to support the yearlong programming over at Three Dollar Bill Cinema! Win win!

FRIDAY | JULY 17 | Cal Anderson Park | Dusk

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