Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art for August!

Hi folks! Allow me to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a quick introduction. I'm Joey Veltkamp and I'm Cupcake Royale's newest curator. Bosslady Jody has really been stepping up her game lately. If you've been to the new location on Capitol Hill, you've probably noticed the store itself is a piece of art. But don't worry, she hasn't gotten all highfalutin' -- the art will still be locally sourced (just like her ingredients) and focused on community (just like her cafes).

Dylan (detail) / Dolly (detail) by Gretchen McAllister

Gretchen McAllister returns to Ballard to share her flashy portraits of people we love. Her paintings are acrylic on birch board and always brighten up the space. The show in untitled but with a painting of Dolly, does it really need a title? Speaking of Dolly, don't forget we're sponsoring Three Dollar Bill Cinema's presentation of 9 to 5 in Cal Anderson Park on Aug 21.

Heading Home by Grego Rachko

Painter Grego Rachko just installed a great show in Madrona. It's chock full of his still lifes and crowds. In fact, it's even called Still Life and Crowds. Grego also shows at La Familia Gallery, The Hideout and other great art-viewing places. The show just opened and he's already sold a piece or two. Swing by and check it out before they're all gone.

Slugbug of '77 by Alisha Baker

Soon to be showing in West Seattle is artist Alisha Baker. Her new show is titled Along the Way and consists of oil and acrylic paintings on found objects. Alisha just received her BFA from UW and is heavily influenced by the outdoors, especially the oceans.

Flat Screen Figurine by Claudia Fitch

And lastly, Roy McMakin has curated a real nice show for the debut of the new Capitol Hill location. It's got new pieces by Claudia Fitch, Ken Kelly, Jeffry Mitchell and yours truly. Ken Kelly's pinkish-red painting in the front has been blowing everyone away.

If you're interested in showing your great art in our great cupcake & coffee houses, please shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

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