Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolly Parton. Lily Tomlin. Jane Fonda. The moustache guy. You. Me. Tomorrow.

Oh geez.

Yup, that's a party. Nope, its a movie! And it's playing tomorrow night under the stars in Cal Anderson Park. Thanks to the folks at Three Dollar Bill Cinema, you can enjoy one last cinematic spectacular from the year 1980 al fresco, as they wrap up their Outdoor Cinema series with Nine to Five. If you have never seen this movie, holy boy. You are in for it. And if you have seen this movie, you already know what you're in for. And you can't wait.

We're big fans of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, producers of Seattle's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. We sponsor the film fest every year, so we decided to sponsor Outdoor Cinema, too. If you do come out for the retro film funtimes tomorrow night (and you know you should,) make sure you stop by the concession stand. We've donated babycakes for them to sell to all you sugar-starved filmgoers, and all the money they make, they keep. That way they can keep on doing super awesome stuff like this, the film fest, and Cineoke.

It all goes down at dusk. Zing. Bring your blanket, your pillow, your friend, your lover, your dog, whatever. Just be there.

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