Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love Thy Neighbor

And boy do we ever. That's why it breaks our cupcake hearts to think that our neighbors and superfriends over at the Northwest Film Forum are in some dire straights right now. They need to raise $70,000 by August 15th to offset their budget deficit and avoid cutting staff and programming for the coming year.

In order to do this, they're asking for $10 from 10,000 people. Seems easy enough to us. By donating the price of a movie ticket, we can all feel good about the fact that we can keep on seeing the amazing films they play at the Film Forum. Seattle is immeasurably lucky to have an arts organization like them in our city. From the programming we see on their screens, to the classes they teach, to the local filmmakers they fund and support, to full on film festivals like Local Sightings, to the killer parties they throw, this city is by far better off because of all that they do.

So walk it in, mail it in, or click here to make your donation of just $10 to keep the Northwest Film Forum running at full force. Your money will help truly great films be seen, local and innovative films be made, and countless filmgoers and filmmakers be inspired.

And just in case this little plea wasn't quite sappy enough, can we please just take a moment to acknowledge how hard SubPop rocks?! Not in the way you already knew they did, but in the way that they support their fellow lovers of the arts. Sub Pop has pledged to match all donations up to $10,000. That's right people. So cool. We didn't think we could love Sub Pop anymore than we already did, but, turns out, we could. And now we do.

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