Monday, August 24, 2009

It's poster show time again!

You may remember waaay back in 2007, we sponsored a little thing called the Seattle-Havana Poster Show. Curated by Daniel R .Smith, the show featured a collection of silk-screened posters from artists in Seattle, WA and Havana, Cuba. Using the similarities in aesthetic and thematic content as a launching pad, the project commented on larger cultural issues that spoke to the medium and subject matter of the pieces. It was pretty bad A.

We were so stoked on Seattle-Havana, that last year we sponsored the Seattle-Tehran Poster Show. Dan was back at it, curating a collection of posters from a culture in which any form of expression can be considered a politically charged activity and juxtaposing it with the current body of poster art in Seattle, a culture in which people say whatever they please. In a city where poster art is as ubiquitous traffic signs, the idea of a poster as a self-contained statement from within a much larger cultural conversation was pretty profound. We were like, totally diggin' what Dan was doin'.

Luckily, he's still doing it! He's back this year with the Seattle-Moscow Poster Show. As the others did before it, Seattle-Moscow will premiere at Bumbershoot and then move its way through our cafés. We can't wait to see this new work on our walls, and are so glad to be a part of this series again. This year, you can help out, too. Dan is currently in the running for a $10,000 grant to help fund the exhibit. Turns out, going to Moscow is not free. Neither is getting a body of artwork from Moscow to Seattle. Neither is hanging an art show. The grant is from Portland-based do-gooder clothing company Nau. Follow THIS LINK to their site. Log in. Vote for Dan. And then revel in your own do-goodery. Brag about it a little. Especially if it gets your friends to go to the site and do the same.

For more info on the Seattle-Moscow Poster show, and to buy the super sweet show catalogue, CLICK HERE.


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