Monday, April 13, 2009

And you thought it was a hairdryer

It sure isn't. This is the Vérité, the truth, the good word, and it's embodied by a Super-8 film camera. Inspired by cinema vérité, a French style of documentary filmmaking from the 60s, we chose this as our logo, because who doesn't like the truth? Well, some people don't. Fascist dictators, cult leaders, career criminals, Fox News.

We love the truth, and we love supporting people who are working hard to get it out there. That's why we're producing Sweet Crude, a documentary on the truth about oil production in the Niger Delta. If you don't already know about Sweet Crude, click here to visit their website, then go to their RASIE IT fundrasier this Wednesday at the Triple Door.

Your glass. Your voice. Your awareness.
Cold, hard cash.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
6 pm and 9 pm
The Triple Door
216 Union Street. Seattle, WA

Tickets $30...or $1,000. It's a donation to the film, so you decide!
Click here for tickets, or call 206.838.4333

Keep readin'...

Turns out, the Nigerian military police are not so much in love with the truth. Last spring, the film crew returned to the Niger Delta to finish shooting Sweet Crude. They had a line-up of interviews scheduled that included high-ranking government officials as well as the leader of the new militant group in the area. On this most recent trip to the Delta, director Sandy Cioffi and the crew were detained by the military police. They were held in custody for one week without charges brought against them, and their footage was confiscated.

Under watch of semi-automatic weapons in the back of a military truck, the crew endured an 8 hour trip to their cells with a little help from an iPod. Huddled together in the dark, they compiled a playlist that gave them hope and comfort while friends and family back home worked hard for their release. This Wednesday, a group of local musicians along with national acts such as Erin McKeown will perform these songs live at the Triple Door to raise the funds to complete the film.

Be there. Do it for this guy.

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