Friday, April 10, 2009

HONK: A tale of two neighborhoods

Tonight, two Cupcake Royale neighborhoods will be joined as one in a celebration of music, dancing, and general good-natured raucousness. Honk Fest West will be taking over venues around Ballard tonight for their second annual Seattle celebration of street music.

Street music? Oh, like when my roommate takes his guitar down to Pike Place Market on Saturdays and plays for tips?

No. Your roommate is a busker. This is totally different. But we understand the confusion.

The story of street bands is rich and rowdy. Representing musical genres ranging from European Klezmer to Brazillian Afro Bloc, Honk Fest brings together Seattle groups who shall band together (zzzing!) in the name of booty shakin' community fun times. Whether honking in the name of an ideal, an event, or just to get the people movin' and motivated, these bands promise, a the very least, a damn good time.

And just in case this didn't already sound like the most best thing ever (wait for it...the title of this post is almost about to make sense...), the Garfield High School Bulldog Drumline is in Ballard tonight as part of the fun. As neighbors to our Madrona café, we Ballard cupcakers could not be more excited to see our two 'hoods become one in the name of musical rabble-rousing.

Honk Fest will be in Georgetown tomorrow night, with a grand finale at the Vera Project (also awesome) on Sunday. For details on participating bands, schedule, etc. click here.

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