Wednesday, April 15, 2009

RECORD STORE DAY: Buy an album, get a free babycake!

This Saturday, April 18th, is Record Store Day! A two year-old holiday in the name of independently owned record stores, local music, small business, and neighborly goodness. Get on out to your local record shop and buy some stuffs. Lots of labels and artists have issued exclusive releases for this holiest of days, and they're available only in record stores.

Super rare. Super exclusive. Super awesome.

Check out your local record store for the complete list of awesomeness. We highly recommend checking out Sonic Boom in Ballard, and Easy Street in West Seattle. And if you do, we'll give you a free babycake.

That's right. Buy an album, get a babycake! This will happen in one of two ways.

1. When you buy an album at Sonic Boom in Ballard this Saturday, they will give you a special card, good for one free babycake. Walk across the street to our café. Exchange the special card for a delicious babycake.

2. In West Seattle, go to Easy Street and buy an album. Walk across the street to our café, receipt in hand. Show said receipt to your friendly neighborhood barista. He or she will give you a free babycake.

Win win. See you Saturday!

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  1. Saw this posting on Cupcakes Take the Cake, and I am here in Renton - a cupcake lover at heart = and thinking - yum! what a great pairing!