Monday, April 13, 2009

Did you or someone you know recently get married IN our Ballard café?

Someone did, and we sure would love to find out who it was. A couple of our baristas just reported that a few weeks ago, a group of people came in together, bought cupcakes together, and sat down together...for a little wedding ceremony right here in the café!

If that isn't cupcake LOVE, we don't know what is, and it surely deserves a wedding present from Cupcake Royale.

So, if it was you, or someone you know, let us know! Our staff was so beside themselves with emotion, (they get that way at weddings,) that they forgot to ask the bride and groom their names.

1 comment:

  1. That is possibly the most awesomest thing ever.

    I can see a performance art piece with real weddings where a wedding just descends on a local business, marrying a couple, spending good money (I actually married a couple in The Brooklyn, but it wasn't really a ceremony, just a paper signing and... well, less said about the results the better) and leaving.

    Stimulating the local economy and marrying a couple... That'd be awesome.