Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Local Arts Twofer!

Apparently, Local Arts Twofer! is a regular thing now, because it just keeps happening. And we just keep lovin' it. So much.

This week's Local Arts Twofer! is a double whammy, if whammies were good, and double meant infinite. The rules have changed a little, though. Whereas before the term "twofer" was used to point out the fact that two super cool arty things were goin' down in the same time and space, this time around they're same time...different space...which makes things a little interesting. However, one runs longer than the other, so you can do this people. We believe in you.



Go to the Harvard Exit and check out the results of the great Seattle film race that went down last weekend. Filmmakers were asked to complete a project in 24 hours with these two additional parameters:

THEME: Superstitious SURPRISE ELEMENT: Action: Swallowing a Pill

To top it all off (this is where the good whammies start getting infinite) Cupcakes for Health Care cohort Joshua Welter of Washington CAN! had a hand in the film "Meeting Miss Fortune." Yes. Yes. Yes. Tickets are $9 and the program runs from 7-9:30.


Leave the Harvard Exit and hurry on over to Ballard for the "Bad Ideas" Northwest Designers Zine Release Party and Poster Show at Society Co. Here comes the infinity part again...not only is Society Co. our neighbor and superfriend, but our very own Darin Shuler has work featured in the show.

It's almost too much awesome. But its probably just enough, so tomorrow night, get on out and be in it!

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