Monday, April 27, 2009

White House. Jody Hall. The Recap.

What started with a quick once over of the sale rack at Sea-Tac's Hudson News, (Sleepless in Seattle tees. For just $29.99. Que ganga!) ended with Jody Hall delivering up a hot helping of the truth about health care for small the White House.

Yup. That White House. Our very own Jody Hall (see also, Glorious Leader,) went there, and she took this photo with her iPhone to prove it.

Then she went inside and sat at this table with the likes of Nancy-Ann DeParle, (Director of the White House Office of Health Care Reform) and Larry Summers (Director of the White House's National Economic Council...who may or may not have echoed Barbie's early nineties assertion that math is hard ...for girls.)

Jody's the one in the snappy argyle vest.

For those of you who are new to this story, Jody has been working with Washington Small Business for Secure Health Care Coalition for awhile now on health care reform, specifically in regards to insuring the millions of employees of small businesses in America. Scroll down and read on for more info, and watch this video to see what she said.

And of course you all want to know if she met Barack Obama. No. But she did see his motorcade.

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