Friday, April 17, 2009

Double the Fun!

Just when you were starting to think that the free babycake you're gonna get when you buy your sweet new album from Sonic Boom or Easy Street on Saturday is almost too much goodness to handle, we got all ninja and tossed in some more! Our friends from the Washington Bus will be hangin' around all three Cupcake Royales this weekend doin' the good work you know they do.

They're currently directing their good work at I-100, or Schools not Jails. Once they gather enough signatures, we all get to vote on the $226 million dollar jail the City wants to build. Not only that, but we force ourselves as a civic unit to sit on down and think a little about how we as a city approach this whole incarceration business. Thinking is good. Voting is good...especially when it comes after the thinking part.

Win win.

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